Monday, 15 November 2010

Collared and chuffed.

For some reason the internet has decided it doesn't want to play. It seems OK for the moment but I'm not even sure if I'll even get this post up (if you're reading this I guess it hasn't died on my yet). It started cutting out on me last night and I hate just logging off without being able to say goodnight to people. And I was having some good conversations too. Grr.

In Tidra news I finally got collared *yay*. Dead performed the ceremony out in the jungle where he found Derren. Was a really nice ceremony but I wish I wasn't as jittery as I was. Due to having to take drugs for some allergies (as much as I love cats I'm allergic to them and my mum has three) my fingers kept on shaking all over the keyboard. Seeing as Tel is OK with the RP I'll post it up when I get a chance. Currently as my internet doesn't want to play I can't get on SL. Will try again tonight and if that doesn't work will be back in my student digs by tomorrow afternoon.

Spankies is going through some changes. PJ is re-organizing the whole sim with possible chances to re-designing the club. Am interested to see how that all pans out.

Going to see John Bishop tonight with the RL BF and his mum. The dude is freakin' hilarious. Big fan of dry humour.

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  1. I wondered where you were today! I hope to see you this evening, but if not, tomorrow def! Dead told me that collaring went very well. *exaggerated stage wink* Have fun tonight, and one or the other of us will see you later! *huggles*