Monday, 1 August 2011

Kitty Cuddles and other rambles

I *VERY* rarely do the neko thing for a couple of reasons. 1) It's very popular and I'm generally one of those people who hate following the crowd. And 2) An ex boyfriend seemed to have a "thing" for nekos which use to send a shiver down my spine. But seeing that I've been with my wonderful husband for 9 months now I think I can quite confidently say I'm over that along with a few other things that use to haunt me from past relationships. 

So why neko today? I can think of 3 reasons. 
1) I'm pretty ill with cold at the moment. The majority of my day has been spent sleeping and eating....pretty much like a cat. 
2) I wanted to be pretty! Scratch that..I'm already pretty...I wanted to be EXTRA pretty!
3) Tel and I like to match and with a cold comes a little self indulgence. And what better self indulgence then having a sexy butch alley cat by your side. Tel does good neko, along with many of his other looks. 

I think this is one of the reasons Tel and I get along so well. We can't just stick with one look. It'll be casual smart one minute and latex thongs the next. Second Life is too vastly creative to stick to one look. 

I saw a link to some Second Life recorded porn today. You can try your best to make it look like real pornography (which is lulz enough) but I'm still just gonna see some animated pixels and think of some over weight chubbs snorting down their microphones. :|...Sooo hawt.

Anyway..I ramble..I think it's the cold and the extra strong medication I forked out for. Ho-hum. Better have another nap :3