Tuesday, 6 December 2011

Christmas Outfit

I always like to be the cheeky elf for Christmas so here's my new outfit for the festive season :D

Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Welcoming in Winter

Tel and I (well mostly Tel) have finally finished the sim ready for winter and the holiday season. Being that it's the start of December tomorrow I'm glad we have the place all sorted. I'm so thankful to my hubby for working so hard. I was able to get some pictures last night and, of course, everyone is welcome to visit at anytime.

As always, I get my little garden to work on. I finally got to use the sled I got as a hunt gift at the beginning of this year. I got a matching gazebo for the snow scene and it's slightly less busy as the other two gardens which adds to the silent winter landscape.

Rest of the photos are of the Tel's parts of the sim.

If you travel to the end of the sim you'll find a snowman and a post that will take you up to the skybox I made up. We decided not to put too much decoration in the main house so I made up a little festive skybox up above the sim.

I felt bad leaving the meeroos outside on an empty sky platform so they're inside in the warm for the holidays.

Monday was mine and Tel's one year anniversary. It's been over a year since we decided to take our relationship to more then friends. Seeing as we pretty much celebrated a few weeks back and my time on SL was very limited that night, we ended up just having a nice night on Tuesday. We were forced off our sim by a rolling restart and ended up on random sim where we watched a very cheesy movie at a drive in. We got caught up in a random group convo with friends and had a generally nice evening.

He gets the girl and escapes the island just so you know.

It's insane to think that Tel and I have been together for a whole year. So much has happened to use during these last 12 months. We've had our highs, lows and struggles. But it goes to show that SL relationships can work. So here's to one year and many years to come. Love you sweetie <3

Thursday, 10 November 2011


I chose this title from a song by one of my favourite bands. Seems to be in my head a lot recently.

The beginning of the week started on a sad note. A friend I know from Club Industry sadly past away in RL. I didn't know her all to well but did know she was a wonderfully fun lady to be around. Obviously those who have been at CI and the Industrial scene longer then me knew her more closely. But it is true when they say that the relationships we make in SL are just as strong as those we make in RL. It is strange and very sad to think you will never see that person log in again. I've heard that those who knew her more personally are arranging a memorial for her where we can all pay our respects and celebrate her life.

I finally had some time to take some footage of the haunted house. Tel really needs the prims for building and for getting the sim ready for Christmas (which, if I had a choice, would be up NOW). I was also able to get a few final pictures for the place. It really is a wonderful little set up. I think I'll make the video more into a promotional video for Tel's builds then just a video about a scary house.

In RL I joined a Bisexual group that bring together other bisexuals and we basically talk about...well...being bisexual. It is true that there is a thing as biphobia where people, straight or gay, will judge you or discriminate you just because you like both genders. It was interesting to be in a group who where so open about it all and talked about their stories. I thought I was the only one who felt like bisexuals do get a little ridiculed by society. Being called "greedy". I've only been with 4 guys in my life and have been single RL for 8 months! How is that greedy? I do actually get generally annoyed when someone refers to me as gay...because really I'm not! I'm bi! I like men and women. That's who I am. Don't refer to me as gay just because it's easier for you!

I feel like I'm waiting for this month to be over. I have my first appointment at the gender identity clinic on the 22nd and I just want it to be NOW! I want it to be Christmas NOW! I just like Christmas. Heh, I already had my christmas decorations up by this time last year. I wonder if Tel will let me have a little christmas skybox where I can star decorating where I can be all christmassy and jolly while he can go "bah humbug" down stairs. :P

This has come out a rather ranty blog post. Oh well. I'm gonna look at Christmas things and videos of kittens.

Saturday, 5 November 2011


I should of learnt this as a newb. Don't trust random animations :|

Tuesday, 1 November 2011

1 Year

The title counts for two things. On Monday the 24th it had been a year since Tel and I first met. Though we didn't start dating a good month later and had a tinsy bit of drama between that period it is great that we've got this far together. Something that most exclusively SL relationships never seem to reach.

Tel had mentioned the other day that he couldn't find any good 20's/30's clubs where we could go to listen to something other then industrial and dub-step. Not that we don't like those, just sometimes you need a change. And we haven't recently been to hotlantas due to the guest and staff saying some pretty unpleasant remarks.
I went snooping round found a place called The Vault which promised 20's,30's,40's and 50's. There wasn't much happening when I arrived but was promised a full line up come 6pm SLT. I tp'd Tel in and we were just catching the end of a live singer. Though she was ok she was slightly amateur compared to most singers I have seen on SL. When the DJ kicked in though we ended up having a really good time, good music with a good mixture of everything really. Plus some nice, welcoming peeps with good conversation. All in all it was a really good night and a nice way to celebrate our anniversary(ish).

Also for over 1 year now I've been keeping this blog. I know that it sometimes can be either a gooey love note to Tel or a big emo rant but at the end of the day I'm writing this blog for myself so I can keep a note of all my happenings in SL. I don't update as much as I like to any more but hopefully this blog will keep going for more years to come.

My little boy Sebby will also being turning one from the 4th of November. Both of my boys still run around the garden quite happily. Though they are just a bunch of moving, well scripted prims I love them to bits. So happy birthday my little Sebastian!

Onto some very good news! *DEAD CHUFFED* now has a new location at Franzi's store! I'm so grateful to him for giving me a part of his parcel so I can keep the shop alive. I've placed all the couples poses in vendors where the pose balls can be rezzed if you'd like to try them out. The vendor is really easy to set up and for L$99 for a copy/mod was a complete bargin!

Three vendors which store the male/male poses, female/female poses and male/female poses. All with demo poseballs that can be rezzed to try them out!

All the single poses are on display though some may have to be taken down to make room for the new winter and christmas poses coming soon.

Everything can still be found on Market place. The Leo strut pose has been made L$1 instead of free on the store but you can still get the pose free by visiting the inworld store.

Next door you'll be able to fine all the amazing builds and d├ęcor Franzi has to offer.

Here's a aerial view. There's a rezzing area of Franzi's building and also a cute little area for Endy's, River's and Franzi's meeroos.

I'll round up this blog with some final photos of halloween. Happy November everyone! For me it'll soon be Bonfire night and for the yanks it'll be Thanksgiving. We also have 11/11/11 where we remember those who died in services to their country. But pretty soon (maybe a little too soon) it'll just be Christmas Christmas CHRISTMAS! 

Tel was taking part in a photo shoot for Alayni's new gallery. It's an Alice in Wonderland theme and here's a little white rabbit :>

I messed about on Alayni's posing stoof while they did the shoot.

*Sigh* Being this fabulous is so damn hard!

Tel bought himself and I these awesome Hellraiser avies so to look the part this Halloween. I'm Chatterer while Tel made an awesome Pinhead.

I don't think any saw this except me but I turned an animation on which did..well..this to me. I didn't relog so I was like this for the rest of the night. Made me chuckle!

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Get by with a little help from my friends.

My post before last was a little heavy and I thank everyone for the nice comments I received because of it. But since then things have been getting better and I'm actually feeling very hopeful.

I recently "legally" changed my name to my preferred name and title which has boosted my emotions way up. I'm really glad to have great flat mates who offered to lend me the cash while I try to get my funds up. So now if I want to go for different jobs I don't have to go through the whole crap of explaining this, that and other.

Speaking of jobs that is also looking up. I've been moved to a different department which I'm actually more enjoying and is not sitting behind a desk having people complained at me. Not only that but it has boosted up my hours. Now instead of working 15 hours a week I'm working up to 40 hours a week and most of these being in the evening so I'm back in time to see my sweet husband and still get a good nights (or mornings) sleep before work. Plus days off so I can still be sociable. 

As for more help from friends Franzi along with his boys River and Endy have offered me a corner for his store for *Dead Chuffed*. So the store can still carry on inworld! Things need to be worked out but hopefully the store will make a return soon! :D

So as you can see things are going my way. Though it is getting colder now that winter is approaching I'm starting to tingle with the excitement of the holidays. Plus on Monday (24th October) it will be 1 year when Tel and I first met and soon come to the 28th of Novemeber which (I think) is when we first started officially dating. So I made him this video which is sort of a slideshow of our time together along with the song we walked in together on our wedding day. 

Now I just need to stop falling asleep on him. lol

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The Flesh Game

A few people on my Facebook page had been raving about this even before it opened. I'm a little sceptical when it comes to interactive games and experiences on SL. I think the only decent ones  I've been to is Bryn Oh's sims and this really cool ghost train I went on last year. Though the concept of the Flesh Games really interested me. It's front, a reality game show but as you travel deeper the more gruesome things get as your fellow contestants are picked off one by one.

The story is morbidly fun and the sims which you travel through are wonderfully made. But like popular sims there is a LOT of lag. Not just from how many people there can be and paying no attention to then fact that their prim count is probably in the buhgillions! But also it's rather script heavy, especially towards the end. Plus you'll also get some dickhead smashing away at a keypad that you're trying to enter a code into so you can go on to the next bit!

Here's a few tips of surviving The Flesh Game.

When you enter the building and sign in at the front desk you will get a mobile phone and badge. You need to wear the mobile phone as it's your hud through the game. However the badge is just for decoration. You NEED to wear the hud as it's your communication through the game and stores much needed items. If you don't the game is gonna be a bit crap.

You're given a big long notecard on everything you need to do. Here's a quick summary.

  • Wear mobile phone hud
  • Take off unnecessary huds and lights (e.g Face lights). Seriously. No-one cares that you skin isn't shining.
  • Turn on Local lights (in preferences)
  • Put down draw distance low but not too low (It says in the note to put it at a minimum but I was finding things weren't rezzing and was ruining the lovely build.
  • Turn to midnight
And then you can skip on your merry way to impending torture. But before you travel to the Carnival Set (as instructed) look EVERYWHERE because there are freebies! Lots and lots of lovely freebies. EVERYWHERE!!! and I mean..EVERYWHERE! Though more for the ladies there is still plenty of unisex stuff to keep the men interested. Look out for small wooden boxes, tool boxes, blooded paper cups and candy floss along with other things scattered around all the sims.

Tel and I enjoyed our experience. I think we both got a little miffed towards the end as the lag started to hit us hard. Plus the amount of brightly coloured swirly things at the end was making Tel's head hurt. The ending felt like a little bit of a cop out but that might of been the fact that we were already tired of the lag which of course isn't the creators fault. All in all I think they did an awesome job and hope to see more interactive games like this is SL! I would recommend though going on your own and when it's a bit more quieter. I think it would make it that little bit more scary if you were the exploring alone. That or get a group of you and get in a private voice chat as you explore. See who can make it to the end first or who can collect the most prizes

Mmm meat!

Speaking of prizes I was able to go through all the goodies I picked up earlier today. Here's a little taster of what you can find.

Onward Batty!

Beautiful :>

Ok...maybe not.

I think a got tired of trying everything on and ended up with this :/

And now I'm the undead. The end!

Now that I'm dressed as a zombie and have left a reality show I was in the mood to watch Dead Set. I feel so sorry for anyone who doesn't live in the UK and hasn't had a chance to watch this. It purely brilliant and one of my fav zombie movies (even though it's set as episodes). The fact that it feels realistic (to me anyway) just makes it extra scary.