Sunday, 30 January 2011

Is Bugs Bunny gay?

Urg, it's only been a day and I miss him :(

My brain is currently filled up to the brim with bullshit about homosexuality, stereotypes and animation at the moment. I always believe that no amount of research or theories will make people believe anything (look at religion for example). But still I have to bullshit my way through making some woman believe that I've got more then mush between my ears and that I can type 5000 words of bollocks neatly. Derpa derpa derpa. I have two days left and still about 3000 words to write. I don't think I'm going to get much done today as it's my Dad's birthday today along with travelling back to Bristol. Monday will be stressful but it's not like it hasn't happened before.

After talking intensely on the subject with PJ  I do heavily believe that stereotypes in everything is getting better. In comedy at least and animation can get away with a lot more on satirizing stereotypes. PJ pointed out Big Gay Al and Mr Slave for extremes of the stereotype but you don't have to look too hard to know that South Park puts the extremes on all of it's characters. Plus a lot of the episodes teach a little bit of understanding, underneath all the fucked up-ness. If you want to see bad stereotypes inforced check out Drawn Together. I like the idea of it but it IS fucked up and every freakin' joke is a gay or black joke *rolls eyes*. 

Back onto what this blog is Second Life! Yes! That's it. lol. We had our first Spankies management meeting on Thursday *le gasp*. Currently the place is going under a big re-design as a lot of the other twinkie/kiddie places have been starting to close down. We also had a talk about behaviour of some of our regulars which will hopefully be controlled along with some of the more heavy flirting. We don't want to police people but we don't want anything dodgy happening there and I think some of them can get a little carried away. Yes we're all adults but sometimes can scare people away if they see a little kid avie talking about something inappropriate. So anyway! re-designs are going under way and I hope PJ plans to through a big re-opening party...that would be sweet!

The MENStuff hunt starts today (well  it on the 29th to most) and I've decided to actually complete this one. I usually get bored or get too busy when I reach about 50 but this one I've decided to complete. Has nothing to do with the competition to win L$30,000 for designing to best looking avatar from the hunt prizes...hehe ok maybe. I think I'm a decent enough avie dresser to be in with a chance. That's if the competition is not stupidly elitist like some are here. Plus it means I can get my shopping kick without actually going shopping. Har! But this is all to do AFTER my essay hand in on Tuesday. 

Better get on with me out Stevie!

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Help Brenda

A moment of your time can save someone's life.
"Brenda Namigadde, a Ugandan lesbian in the UK, faces deportation THIS WEEK back to the life-threatening persecution she fled eight years ago.

With David Bahati, the Ugandan politician and author of the notorious "Kill the Gays" legislation, taking an interest in her case, Brenda faces clear and present danger if she’s forced to return.

Will you sign this urgent letter pressuring U.K. Home Secretary Theresa May to stop Brenda’s deportation?"

Wednesday, 26 January 2011

Good Morning World

Someone posted this on my Facebook. It's gonna be a good day.

*Runs off to catch a train!*

Monday, 24 January 2011

Sunday Surfing

One of the few things I really enjoy about SL is finding out something new. Something that's you've never tried before and that you can actually waste hours doing. For the first time last night I was introduced to SL surfing.

I spent most of day researching and writing up notes that 5000 word essay I talked about sometime ago. It's hand in is in just over a week and I spent most of the day getting at least some words down. Up to about 2000 now. Woo! I logged on in time to get a quick hug from Tel before heading over to Spankies for my Sunday set. At least this time the place was a little more full heh. Can be hard for a DJ standing there just waiting for people to get to the sim, no matter how many notices you send out. I have the sneaking suspicion that something else happens within the "twink" community on a Sunday. Seems most of them buggered off at 2pm. With only Rustie and I in the place I shut up shop early and head home.

Tel and I had been invited along by a couple of his old friends to a small gathering. When the invite said "Grab your boards" I thought it was just another way of saying "We're having a beach party, come on down in your beach wear". I didn't ACTUALLY think we were going surfing cos I didn't know there was surfing in SL to begin with!

Though a little delayed then first planned I was introduced to a couple of Tel's oldest friends and got my first taste of SL surfing...which was crap...AT FIRST..because the sim we were at was far too laggy and I didn't know what the hell to do. I was pressing all sorts of keys wondering how to get the bloody surf board to work. We headed to another sim with less lag and bigger waves and once I finally got the hang of what I was doing I was addicted. I took some photos though they're not all that great. I didn't have the confidence to put my graphics all the way up to ultra until about 20 minutes being there. It looked amazing with grpahics full wack though!

Tel just looking bad ass as he watches the waves.

All in all it was a really enjoyable evening. Wish I could of stayed longer but it was good into the wee hours for me so had to head to bed. Ready for another day of essay writing.

Speaking of essay writing, the only other time I've had to write such a long essay was when I wrote about internet avatars and of course made my first stumbling steps into SL. I plugged in my old HD and had a root around to see if I could find it. Of course it wasn't too hard to find (Use to be SO organized). Heh, I could just pat poor naive 2008 me on the head. At this time I was interviewing a girl who I later became friends with.
"She proceeded to tell me about marriage on Second Life and how two avatars can get married. It doesn't necessarily mean the two users had to marry or to even love each other. It would simply be their avatars tying the knot. When avatars can live completely separate lives to their owners it is easy to see why online worlds can take over the users own life."
Ooooh if only you knew now and the stuff you've been through. :> I Even found my first attempts at Manny. I would say prepare youself but I don't think anyone can be prepared for the muck up that was early Manny Wachter.

Oh the horror!

Going through my snaps brought back a lot of memories, some good and some bad. I feel like I had taken more or at least should of. Oh well..that's all in the past now. I have a bright virtual future ahead of me now :)

On a totally different note I took Sebby with me to a rather laggy sim and LOOK WHAT IT DID TO HIM!!! D:


I took him off straight away and after buying some new hair (yeah I was THAT urgent about it lol) I took him back to the homestead and he got his head screwed back on. Phew. Don't know what I would do without my little minions. 

Friday, 21 January 2011

Just some pics.

Think I've already talked about in detail the best thing that's happen to me this week :) So just some random pics that I've taken.

Cat showing me her..erm...excessive virtues that she bought while a lil drunk. 

Cat introducing me to a RL friend who called me a "Hatchling"...Hey! I might be little but I could take you on your over grown lizard! :P

Murdoc not wanting a bath. Too bad! You stinky little bastard.

We spent ages watching this lil kittie. Too cute.

Was exploring a furniture shop and took a pic of these..seeing as I'm all loved up at the moment *heh*

I don't have any kibble treats on me! D:

Oh shi...! *boof*

This was a really nice sim. Shame I can't remember the name. It's in showcase.

I..I just don't know.

Playing around with the tiny maker set Tel and I found.

Found this as a freebie on my travels. Black and white suit with 5 different shirts. Pretty sweet I think!

It's banana hammock time! Tel and I getting ready for CI.

Took Tel to Rozoregalia to get some new piercings. Really made his head turn apparently!

Got my butt back into working on some more products for Dead Chuffed. Watch this space :)

Wednesday, 19 January 2011


Sometime back in October...

[2010/10/24 09:42]  River Airy: ohhh someone is here
[2010/10/24 09:43]  Derren Nexen: yay! \o/
[2010/10/24 09:43]  Derren Nexen: atleast it's not abandoned
[2010/10/24 09:43]  River Airy: nods
[2010/10/24 09:44]  River Airy: big guy
[2010/10/24 09:44]  Second Life: has given you this texture:

[2010/10/24 09:45]  Derren Nexen: Oooh he looks tastey
[2010/10/24 09:45]  River Airy: giggles

This was the first time I saw Tel. It was later that day I met him for the first time and he showed us round Tidra.

Who would of thought that 4 months later I would be engaged to this wonderful man.

We had spent the last couple of days really laying in stone our thoughts and hopes for our future and the insecurities we both have, brought on by self criticism , RL troubles and overcoming worries created by bad past relationships. Tel had been feeling guilty for spending a lot of his time building though I've told him a hundred times not to. Not only do I know that he's building to help raise funds for the homestead and his own peace of mind but it also urges me to get working and make money for our home.

But the last couple of days we've had some good "us" time and last night I thought was going to be another night of dancing, laughing and taking the micky out of eachother. We spent a good couple of hours just chatting in ims and wondering what to wear (because we're freakin women like that XD) He disappeared for a moment to find a store while, for some reason, I had got into a nice suit I had had in my inventory for awhile. He returned about 20 minutes later and gave me rose that played "Lay your Hands on Me." by Beth Hart. A woman with an awesome voice who Tel introduced to me before we started officially dating. We listen to the song over and over again and slow danced on the porch while the kittehs ran around us. We both got suited and booted and decided we were far too hot to just keep it to a quiet homestead. So we hopped over Hotlanta for some good ol' blues and more dancing.

Little bit later into the evening Tel told me to check my e-mail. Now considering we had only talked about partnership, weddings and waiting till things felt right the day before I really wasn't expecting it. But after waiting a moment for my e-mails to get in order there it was...a proposal. Of course I didn't think twice and clicked "I accept" straight away! What happened next really made me believe even more that I had made the right choice.

He requested the dj to play "You are so Beautiful" by Joe Cocker and I burst into tears. My heart literally overflowed. Considering my last relationship ended with me feeling like a monster I never expected to be loved or desired again. I'm not even sure he knows how much it moved me. And I had just got myself to stop crying when he gave me the song in another musical rose. Cue the waterworks again! lol!

When we first met I was on my knees both literally and emotionally. He raised me up to heaven and the stars shine twice as bright now he's in my life. I'm thankful for each, each, each SECOND I spend with him. My confidence is coming back thanks to him and I can never do enough to repay the love and understanding he has given me.

I love you so much babes. Now and always. Thank you for making me so happy.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Glad I'm not into popular fashion.

I travelled back to my home town yesterday to get an emergency dentist appointment. I had been suffering from my wisdom tooth for awhile and recently it was giving me such extreme headaches that I could barely focus. I could of got an appointment in Bristol but I have only ever been to one dentist in my life and wasn't quite prepared to have someone else's fingers in my mouth :O Turns out I have a gum infection which is starting to go down nicely with a weeks supply of antibiotics.

Though I haven't made anything else for Dead Chuffed yet I've been looking at some more tribal tattoos, Egyptian make-up and a couple of other things. Need to learn how to make tiny prims. I has a plan lol. Watch this space.

I checked the 49L Sale for Dudes yesterday...not a great amount of stuff I feel is a good deal for 49L. Not that some of the stuff wasn't high quality it was just a bit dull and this whole hipster fashion that has become popular in SL isn't my thing. I like the hair that's come out of hipster fashion but the clothes, those big glasses and the gawd awful ugly avies that look like anorexic tramps makes the big hulked up, baby oiled layered, uber tanned muscle twats seem attractive. :/ Ooh this is turning into a kinda rant. Lets keep going :D Know what also weirds me out. This.

I know people are trying to go for a "natural" look to their avies but I really don't want my avie walking around looking like bugs bunny's lost cousin. When I was choosing skins for Jenneh you could have an option to pick skins with opens mouths. WHY?! Is it just me or does it look retarded? Some of them do look kinda nice and would be good for photography and models for that more realistic look but some of them just look down right goofy. Glad I just stick to what I like and not the fashion of SL. Lets look at some other things that have made me gone "ew"

This...I just don't get. I saw this on the MADDESIGNS blog but the skin is from Bad@zz. Yeah, we like a bit of muscle and it's an impressive amount of detail but to me it just looks ugly. And daaaammmn those are some moobs!

Yeah I don't think there's much I have to say about this. I saw it on the front page of marketplace and laughed for a good 5 minutes. Just....WHAT!?! I can see this being a good trolling avie lol!

Ok! Lets talk about things I DO like in SL. Onesies!

Yeah! Onesies are cool! And I'm sure Intrigue inc have been making a bomb on the amazing selection they have. They're just too damn cute and have become pretty popular.

Keeping with the dragon theme, you know when you see something and you just have to have it..even though most won't know where it's from or why. I HAD to get a Night Fury furry avie when I saw it.

For those who don't know "Night Fury" is the breed name given to the main dragon in "How to Train your Dragon." I love this film and the detail and work gone into this avie is just amazing. Worth every linden though I don't know when I would wear it. Definitely not in front of big mother fucking dragon avies that call me "Hatchling". Catherine introduces me to the strangest of people. :/

Tel's making us a whorehouse so we can start pimping some pixel flesh. I think the ho's we've got so far are some real beauts! They'll come from miles around! :D

I trying my hardest not to be a compulsive buyer at the moment. Every penny counts at the moment. Sales are happening at Dead Chuffed but really not enough to be comfortable or to even think about opening a store in world which is what I really want to do.Things are going slowly, steadily but successfully in my SL at the moment and I really wouldn't have it any other way :)

Until next time!

Saturday, 15 January 2011

Also in selling news...

Tel has opened his Marketplace store now selling his awesome builds! Please check it out :D

Eye shadow bands and other things.

Just updated a new product on *Dead Chuffed*. I couldn't think of a more imaginative name so they are just called "Eye Shadow Bands" and they are sold as a pack for L$50.

I've seen a couple of these kind of products around but nothing other then red or black. I'm wondering if I should start selling them separately or not. When I start on more detailed and bigger tattoos they will be sold individually. Till then I've gotta think up what I want to do next. Next week I plan to fully focus on more uni work so might not have much time to get another product in the store for while. *crossed fingers*
I forgot to mention in the last post but the dj schedule at Spankies has been switched around and I'm now a regular DJ filling in every Sunday. Which is awesome. I think it's been awhile since the club has had a full schedule of DJs.

I created a Tumblr yesterday just as a dumping ground for funny pics I find on the web and things I'm working on. I've added the link on the side if you fancy a nose :P

Thursday, 13 January 2011

*Dead Chuffed* - Open for Business! begins :O

Click the header to go to the store! 

*Dead Chuffed* is now open for business on MarketPlace. Hehe it only has ONE product on it so far but I plan to make more over the next few days. Plan to fill it full of different face tattoos and make up. The first product is 5 simple heart face tattoos and on sale for L$40

Was able to put my female avie Jenneh to some good use. Got her a new skin and now she's a right lil stuck up cutie bitch. 

This week has mostly been spent working in Photoshop or trying to get over my cold which is still draining most of my energy. That's what I get for being too tight to buy drugs to make me feel better. Still seem to find some time to be a spazz :P

Dancing on Tel's unfinished build

I...I don't even know :/


Comes as a tiny avatar. WANTS! D:

I wish you could actually control one of these when you sit inside. That would be badass!

...and still time for warm cuddles :3

*EDIT* Only been up for about a hour and a half and already sold 3 packs. Major thanks to Garrett for putting the link on his Plurk! :>

Sunday, 9 January 2011

A few days later...

It's amazing how one's mood changes in just a few days. After my extreme grump from a couple of days back I'm actually feeling in much higher spirits. I have had a damn head cold only weeks after my last one and that was probably the big contributor to my foul mood. The whole social aspect of things and my feelings towards the deletions of people on my "contact list" from which it will be known as now (thanks Spanki :P ) haven't changed. But I'm feeling less bothered about it now and just want to spend my time caring about those I do have close to me instead of thinking about those who don't matter.

I'm pretty proud with Tel at the moment and I'm sure you'll see why once he posts the finished pictures on his blog. Please go check it out when he does as it really is something awesome.

I haven't so far been able to make anything creative in SL. Most of my working mind has been focused on my university work and my SL time been spent on relaxing. But I don't want to give up my idea of having at least some business in SL and have been spending some of my procrastinating (my favourite word of the year) time on working on face tattoos and make up. I took another dip into sculpties and blendr and actually found once knowing the basic it's a pretty easy process..just gotta see if I can get the texturing down.

I was also happy to catch a moment with my old friend Izzie (though on a different avie) and we sat and chatted on a big cake. She is rarely on SL now due to RL work but it's always nice to catch up.

I'm actually relieved to be in this much happier mood. Must be all the pepsi I'm drinking lol. But the last couple of days have made me remember that there are people who care for me both in SL and RL. Which is always nice to know.

But more importantly... WOULD you? O_O