Tuesday, 26 July 2011


Well, I'm fully graduated from University now. Yes I'm the dopey one in the middle trying to look intelligent. lol. The day was sort of...odd for me. It was hard to explain. After some thinking about it I came up with a couple of conclusions on why it felt strange.

1) When I see people graduate on a scale of this grandeur it's always for something academical. Like science or law. Filled with nervous and tense exams and long papers. I spent 5 weeks on a animation about a cat and a magpie. I kinda felt like..I've haven't done anything to deserve this.

2) Having to look after BOTH of my parents (who have been divorced for well over 15 years) especially my Dad who you could tell would rather be at home watching Star Trek.

The number one reason being the most. I'm not using this as an emo trip and go "Ooh woest me, I didn't do anything" and it's not me trying to be modest or humble. I've been told over and over again that I worked hard and that I should be proud and I am. I had a really tough year in my 3rd year with a lot of crawling under my covers and wishing it would all go away. Real life was hitting my harder then it ever had before and the split with my partner didn't make it anymore easier. Yes...with all the stuff I was going through I did work bloody hard...but I still don't feel I deserved the robes. It just felt weird to me.

On another note I was suprised that Tel had actually thrown me a last minute graduation party at CI. He mentioned a "suprise" to me the night before but didn't think much of it. I had been feeling rubbish due to cut hours at work and feeling they we trying to push me out. Tel really lifted my spirits and, of course, I cried like a little nancy girl until I laughed. It's just another reason on the long line of reasons on why I love him so much. I didn't take many pictures but here is a couple.

Sort of ramberling post

My internet is *somewhat* working in the new place. For some reason it doesn't like certain pages and applications like hotmail, and blogger and, what a surprise, Second Life. Lucky for me I haven't crashed in SL yet because it does take me a good few tries till it actually decides to connect the server and log me in.  Mustn't grumble though as I'm lucky enough to have the best connection in the whole flat, being that I'm only a couple of meters away from the router.

I'm updating the *Dead Chuffed* store more and more but plan to keep all updates to the *Dead Chuffed* blog. So if you're interested what sort of poses and face make-up is available please check out the blog. Or just go to the store. I'll be holding a proper event soon which will hopefully happen next weekend *fingers crossed*

A few nights ago Tel and I checked out Franzi's amazing build as he had finally finished a Gor sim he had been commissioned to build. We didn't have much time and , of course, the place is insanly big. The owner was kind enough to let us look around OOC which isn't usually allowed. That's the kinda treatment you get when you're in with "Franz the Great". :P 

It was wonderful to see lots of little parts (and some big parts) of Tidra being brought back to life. Gor was only a small part of my SLife but it introduced me to some hella nice people, good friends and, of course, my beloved husband. It's good to see that others can now enjoy Franzi's great work as Tidra was unable to live long enough for it to be enjoyed by others as much as it was by us.

In other news my meeroos Kerry and Imogen had their first little baby (D'aaww). I decided to keep her and call her Mochi. I'm going to move Kerry back to the homestead and let Imogen and Mochi live in the store next to the meeroo pose vendor. I think it's for the best that I don't allow anymore meeroos into the world but  I know that Endy is tempted to do some breeding...with his meeroos that is lol!

Imogen telling her baby it's ok to come out :3...ok maybe not but still looks damn cute.

Kerry is normal size and Imogen is teacup size so Mochi is toy size. She's already have the size of Imogen..how did she come out? :|

No shit, I found them like this when I logged on the next day. Too damn cute!

Monday, 11 July 2011

My few hours of Internet

I went back to my Dad's house this Sunday to pick up my PlayStation and a couple of other things for the new flat. We still don't have internet but I'm able to keep up to date with e-mails and such with the library connection next door. And don't think I've tried to connect to it from my computer but it's too far X(

I wanted to get some more work done for *Dead Chuffed* while I had some access inworld but left all my recently made poses on a memory stick back in the flat! Grrr. But, thanks to Endy, I was able to get a new addiction to my store. A new little Meeroo named Imogen.

She's a lil teacup meeroo and will hopefully mate with both my meeroo Kerry and Endy's meeroo Mr Roo. I feel bad I'm whoring her out lol. She'll be kept in the *Dead Chuffed* store so feel free to come in and give her a little stroke. 

Was good seeing people again. Even though it was only a short hiatus I'm sad that it will be another few days before I get to see everyone again. Especially Tel. But hopefully our new internet will be up and running by the 14th. I plan to get *Dead Chuffed* fully stoked by August and will be running a week event with all sorts of free goodies. I've also been asked to sponsor an event at The NoName Club when I finally have some prizes to offer. I'm looking forward to all the promotional stuff. 

There's someone I'll miss so madly while I can't access the internet. It's crazy when something like this becomes so important to you. He keeps my worlds balanced. Not being able to hold him, laugh with him, dance with him, even make smart ass comments with him makes my nights very lonely. It's not forever though. This crazy double life I live will so be in harmony again.

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

No internet

I'm gonna be away from SL for a few days due to moving into my new place and not having any internet. The good news is I'm heading back to my Dad's on Sunday so will be able to get on then. Also it should only take a week to get everything set up in the new place so I won't be gone long! Take care everyone and see you all soon for the official opening of *Dead Chuffed*'s inworld store! :D

Saturday, 2 July 2011

Things to come.

Things are looking rather peachy in both my SL and my RL.

Me and the meeroo looking LIKE A BOSS!

I'll talk about SL first. The big news being I bought my own piece of land to start up *Dead Chuffed* as an inworld store! I got a pretty good offer from PJ and so have purchased a little corner of his sim to start up my main store. My husband and his awesome building skills are in the process of making me the store (which is looking awesome) and I'm churning out those poses to fill it. I've currently made a couple of poses for meeroo lovers so they can pose with their meeroo attached. Along with another couple of male/male poses and just starting a line of female/female poses as requested by lady PJ. I know too many PJs lol! The store will hopefully open within the next couple of weeks depending on my internet situation.

My internet situation has been brought on by the fact I'm moving into my new flat in RL. I don't actually get kicked out of my current place until the 7th so using good use of the internet services while I still have them. I'm hoping I won't have to go without but there is a good chance I will so am gonna have to leave the store opening to a later date. There COULD be a chance I could have it fully open before I move but it's very unlikely  Also having to put my dancing on hold and, most importantly, not being able to see my dear husband inworld for awhile :( All depending on how long it all takes to get it installed. Who knows. It might be all peachy by the time I finally move all my crap in.

RL work is also starting to pick up. They had only been giving me 12 hours a week which was no way gonna pay my rather pricey rent let alone leave me anything to live on. But Harry Potter has saved my life as the release week has bumped up my hours from 12 a week to 35! I'm hoping it will continue like this. I'd be a happy bunny if it does.

I'm not worried though. All things work out in the end. My new apartment is BEAUTIFUL and the only thing I'll miss is my old flat mates. Not that my new flats mates aren't pretty cool as well. But that's pretty much for now. I'll post up some pics to go out on but for now..watch this space.

Uh oh! Not those berries! D:

Tel likes to tease me by getting all sexied up, KNOWING that I have to go to bed! HNNGG!
Tel and I getting all suited and booted for Military night at CI.

Preview of one of my meeroo poses. You know that look cats give when you cuddle them. Like "What the fuck ARE you doing?"...my meeroo does that same ^_^;

Kryptic at CI kindly bought me the same outfit in pink...I'm wise enough NOT to get pictures of myself in it.

The new plot of *Dead Chuffed*. :D

Tel found the meeroo a new friend!

He's become a pretty big bugger now!

Finally giving Tel a thank you thrust for the awesome build he's made me.

Until next time...stay classy :D