Thursday, 8 September 2011

Getting ready for fall

With our brief hours on SL together, Tel and I have been doing up the sim ready for a more autumn feel. The days are getting colder, nights shorter and RL is really not going my way at the moment in many areas. The only thing I can do is enjoy what I have in SL to help me get through the days.

Of course, Tel gets the house and the rest of the sim and I get the garden. I've forgotten how much fun it was working on setting up an area. Last time I did that was in the store but decorating a store and decorating a place to live are two different things. The store is still going well but seems most of the items are being bought on MP instead of in the store. All the money I make goes towards store rent but I'm wondering whether or not it's worth getting rid and using the money for the homestead. There's also the dilemma of I don't know if people are testing the poses in the store and then buying on MP. *Shrugs* who knows.

Anyway. More pics of the sim when it's fully finished. Though I do like messing around with shadows around the time.

In other news! A.I.F pets who made the lil kittehs and the ebil pup that runs around our garden now do huskys! They look so cute! D:

I've also applied for this Don't know how likely I would get chosen. I'm not some fancy pants store/dj/business man/machinima master type fellow and I doubt they wanna spend loads of money flying me across the sea to be a part of it. But you never know if you don't enter.

Thursday, 1 September 2011


Where have I been all this time? God knows. There was a post that happened a couple of days ago but was quickly taken down as it was a post that was made in one of those "fuck the world" moments in my life and was never meant to be published. Stupidly, when I did come to delete it I accidently pressed "publish all".

But this is a proper post...if I get it finished. I will get it finished.

I can only really get on SL in the late evening now when all my flatmates are in bed. This is due to the fact that I need to have the computer actually plugged into the router so I can actually log into SL. The signal from the very crap router is so weak that even though it's sat outside my room it is still unable to ping to the server. *rolls eyes* This shouldn't be forever though as we'll be getting a new on soon.

When I do get on SL 90% of the time is to pretty much be with Tel. We've been together 10 months now and married for 3 of them and still as strong as ever. I feel pretty lucky to have found someone I can just click with so well. Evenings we spend going to CI, exploring the grid or watching films in the cinema I built for us. It been a great addition to the homestead when we're both too tired or can't be bothered to find something new to do.

When Tel isn't online I'm looking after the store and tending to the Meeroos. I let my first two meeroos Kerry and Imogen have another little baby to keep Kerry company on the homestead. I called him Brendan and he happily plays around with his daddy in the little home Tel got me. Kerry is too old to have babies now so am tempted to buy him the honey...thing which means he doesn't have to eat berries anymore and becomes a Meepet instead.

I'll leave with some pictures from the month..Will try and update more but really..not a lot is going on. Just loving my SL :)

Tel and I ready for another 80's night at CI dressed as little ebil Cthulhus. Even got a video of it.

Little baby Brendon :>

A group of meeroos I saw while searching around for interesting breeds.

I go wide screen now as I have a brand new monitor! Wee! Posing at Ashe's place.

Ready to watch Jurassic Park

Messing about on this pretty random sim that have toys and girl crying while she pooped blocks.