Saturday, 30 April 2011

Haters gonna hate

I *MIGHT* of got quite drunk last night and I *MIGHT* of had a bit of hangover today. Either way I have spent a lot of my time doing naff all and promised myself a full day of work tomorrow. I did do a little today but it turned out so crap that I'm going to have to redo it anyway. Roll on panic stricken deadline. I'll be so happy when this is all over with.

Annnywaay...I've started getting back into The Sims 3 again. Love it or hate it, everyone who's played it knows it is strangely addictive. I made myself but somehow more manly and now I'm fat cos I've eaten to many pancakes. I married a small asian guy on my travels to China and now live with him and his brother. I take Shen (the older brother) out to mingle with the celebs while I stay home with the husband and get wicked cool at piano. Shen has recently been working his magic on one of the top celebs in the city and was able to get a bit of sexy time in the elevator....and then they started doing this!

It's called "Stride with Pride" but I'm gonna call it "Haters gonna hate!"

Thursday, 28 April 2011

Tell My Father

I'm not having an amazing time with my Dad at the moment. Had a good rage and cry about it last night. Now I've just gotta get on with things.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Where mah Lindens!?!

Grr. Seems like there is a problem with Lindex for us international users. I popped in about £10 last night and I still have no munnies. Grr! Grr! Even spent a good 15 minutes trying to get through to support till I found the announcement on the website. I did find it very strange being called 'Manny' during a support call :/

I haven't got much to update on. Just working RL and spending time with my sexy dude in the evenings. It's now a  month away till the wedding so we're starting to make preparations. Thanks to Franzi we were able to secure a sky platform on a full sim but both Tel and I are quite keen on having the ceremony on our sim in front of our beautiful house. But of course we can only fit about 25 people on our sim so we're hoping we have enough space. I don't have many close friends and those I do I share with Tel. Maybe looking into the after party on the platform and really get a celebration going! I'm so excited :D

I'm just gonna post up some random pics of the last month. I do like my random pics :>

Though I do like the look of breedables I could never afford them. They're so cute though T_T

Tel and I chilling as we watched some old cartoons.

I checked out the Royal Wedding exhibition. Pretty much just as exciting as the actual event *rolls eyes* 

I loved the newb guards though. I'm so patriotic *herp de derp*

Oh! Free tuxedo! I am getting married soon!

All hail the Queen...I mean King...KING! that's some bling any newb would be proud of!

This was taken on a gay fae sim I've completely forgotten the name of. But gave me an excuse to run around in my deer outfit.

Tel and I watching Rocky Horror at the 24/7 Rocky Horror Picture House

I will be a beautiful bride! Lol. I had to take this picture quickly before Tel logged on and thought this would be my wedding outfit.

Another breedable sim for me to look at and know I can't afford. The cat said something weird like "What's that smell" and began to claw at my leg.

Tel and I ready for another 80's night at CI. We wanted to go as 80's drag but ended up looking like hookers instead :P

The best view on the sim. Mmmmm :>

Pic I quickly edited in photoshop. 

Sebby looking deep into your soul O_O

Cuddles with the Wolficorn.

The kids enjoying their new treat I bought for them :)

Pics taken from Franzi's b-day celebrations at Zeus. Damn they like their gestures :|

This was me in grumpy mode. Sitting in my dingy and grumberling to myself.

Got this sweater from Ladies who Lunch which is being showcased at Kmadd! I love the sleeves!

Bunny outfit for easter!

I got Tel and I matching pants for Easter....way better then a chocolate egg!

Wanting to try some couples dances while Tel wasn't on. Unfortunately Manny wasn't co-operating.

Me and my dude chilling out on the front lawn.

My first encounter with a Meero. They make cute little chirping noises but once again...I CAN'T AFFORD BREEDABLES!

Tel and I last night looking for some nice poses for our wedding invitations. 

Yep...can't wait to call this sexy fellow my hubby :3

That's it for now. I might post from time to time but I can't see my blog posts being anything exciting. If anything they will be random random vids or wedding updates. Take care, keep safe and all that jazz kiddos. 
Derren signing out :P

Friday, 15 April 2011

Thursday, 14 April 2011

What life deals us.

Last week and some of this week I was hit with one of the worst blasts of depression I had had for awhile. It mostly made me stay in my room, not want to talk to anyone and sleep for the majority of the day. I knew I had to get myself out of this for a couple of reason. Most important being my work would suffer. I can't just sleep all the day while my animation goes unfinished. I plan to have it finished by the end of April.

I generally fight my depression patches like I fight a cold. I do anything necessary to make it past or at least dull it for a few hours. I watch things that make me laugh, I go for walks, I eat and drink nice things (though that has been a little hard since I put myself on a diet) and I make sure I talk and socialise with friends. Tel helped me a lot through it and now it seems the worse has pasted and I can get on with things.

Yesterday Tel was telling me about an SL and RL friend who seems to be heading down a REALLY rough patch at the moment and at such a young age too. It made me feel sorry for the girl and generally bad that I was so mixed up in myself to realise it wasn't all that bad. My flat mates and I also talked about quiet kids at school and who usually it was because they had mentally unstable families to look after. My friend's current girlfriend suffers from this as she is only 17 and yet keeps being pulled away from school for a high maintenance mother. It puts life in perspective for all of us and how lucky we are sometimes.

Some would say with what I've been dealt with is hard and sometimes it is but I don't generally see it as a life hardship. I'm healthy and I have family and friends who care about it. I have a roof over my head and was lucky enough to study further education. I think we have a right to let life's overwhelming problems sometime get the better of us. We're only human and it's sometimes hard to see things in perspective when fear and doubt cloud our judgement. I'm also not denying that depression is a medical illness but lucky for us there is still help and there is still hope to live happier lives. I do find there's the attention seekers though who only believe that the sorrows in their life (even when not that big) are the only part of their life and crave the attention it brings. I would feel much more sorry and have more respect for my friend Lucy if she didn't make every little hurdle in her life a massive mountain filled with pain and woe and making sure EVERYONE knew about it. Life is too short.

My conclusion. Don't feel bad if you have down days. Don't feel bad if you feel life drew you the short straw. We all have those days. It may seem hopeless at the time like I felt those last few days ago but there are ways of dealing with it, there are ways of coping and there are ways of surviving. From seeking medical help to having a duvet day with a big tube of ice cream. Don't feel bad that some might have it worse then you but realise it and try to think how you would deal with their situation. I actually felt better after chatting with a friend on how to deal with her over protective parents. Don't hide away from people, talk to people you love and care for. Sometimes saying your problems out loud makes them more manageable.

I'm not pretending to have a clue on what some people have to deal with in their lifes. But I hope what I learn and how I cope with things will help others to put things in perspective. We can't be happy all the time but at least be free from sadness.

Check that for a post! Gonna end it with a picture of my official return as a dancer at CI. Awesome night last night with DJ Lainey and Ame as our host.

Edit - I wanted to add this on the end. Only found it but I liked it. Jeeze! They have these books for anything!

Friday, 8 April 2011


You might still see me popping onto SL from time to time but don't take offence if I don't respond to any ims.

A couple of weeks ago my RL partner of 7 years and I decided to end our relationship. Due to situations in my life we just drifted apart and our views on the future were very different from each others. It made me feel incredible shit and selfish but I've tried best to keep strong over these last couple of weeks. I think it was only recently when I had to refer to him as "my ex boyfriend" that it really sunk in and I spent most of this week crying and crawling under my covers never wanting to come out. I feel like I've lost my best friend and I'm finding it hard not communicating with him. But I thought it best to give it time.

This hasn't changed anything between me and Tel. Tel is still very much *just* Derren's partner and his RL self has been very supportive to my RL self. This is why however I decided to not venture so much into SL after the split. I didn't want to become wrapped up in a fantasy world when I needed to face the troubles of my RL and mourn for the lost of someone who was pretty much my world once upon a time.

It's hard to explain the main reasons without going too much into my personal life which I'd rather not. Some of you know, some of you might have told others. I'm sure there is plenty about your RLs that you don't want people knowing and this is one of those things I'd rather keep private. This is a SL blog about SL stuff and I sometimes dip into my RL like explaining why I've been so distant. In any case I am still mourning but trying to push on and keep motivated to I can carry on with my work. I still need time to heal though and I'm hoping someday we can still be friends.

Not only that but all this crying has given me a cold >:/ Usually when I get myself stressed and worked up I come down with a cold or flu. Heh. Not my week, huh? Things will get better with time. I still have friends and I still have family. I just hope he's ok and that one day we will come to agreement that this was for the best.

In other news HURP DEE DERP!

Best wishes all :)