Thursday, 20 October 2011

Get by with a little help from my friends.

My post before last was a little heavy and I thank everyone for the nice comments I received because of it. But since then things have been getting better and I'm actually feeling very hopeful.

I recently "legally" changed my name to my preferred name and title which has boosted my emotions way up. I'm really glad to have great flat mates who offered to lend me the cash while I try to get my funds up. So now if I want to go for different jobs I don't have to go through the whole crap of explaining this, that and other.

Speaking of jobs that is also looking up. I've been moved to a different department which I'm actually more enjoying and is not sitting behind a desk having people complained at me. Not only that but it has boosted up my hours. Now instead of working 15 hours a week I'm working up to 40 hours a week and most of these being in the evening so I'm back in time to see my sweet husband and still get a good nights (or mornings) sleep before work. Plus days off so I can still be sociable. 

As for more help from friends Franzi along with his boys River and Endy have offered me a corner for his store for *Dead Chuffed*. So the store can still carry on inworld! Things need to be worked out but hopefully the store will make a return soon! :D

So as you can see things are going my way. Though it is getting colder now that winter is approaching I'm starting to tingle with the excitement of the holidays. Plus on Monday (24th October) it will be 1 year when Tel and I first met and soon come to the 28th of Novemeber which (I think) is when we first started officially dating. So I made him this video which is sort of a slideshow of our time together along with the song we walked in together on our wedding day. 

Now I just need to stop falling asleep on him. lol

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

The Flesh Game

A few people on my Facebook page had been raving about this even before it opened. I'm a little sceptical when it comes to interactive games and experiences on SL. I think the only decent ones  I've been to is Bryn Oh's sims and this really cool ghost train I went on last year. Though the concept of the Flesh Games really interested me. It's front, a reality game show but as you travel deeper the more gruesome things get as your fellow contestants are picked off one by one.

The story is morbidly fun and the sims which you travel through are wonderfully made. But like popular sims there is a LOT of lag. Not just from how many people there can be and paying no attention to then fact that their prim count is probably in the buhgillions! But also it's rather script heavy, especially towards the end. Plus you'll also get some dickhead smashing away at a keypad that you're trying to enter a code into so you can go on to the next bit!

Here's a few tips of surviving The Flesh Game.

When you enter the building and sign in at the front desk you will get a mobile phone and badge. You need to wear the mobile phone as it's your hud through the game. However the badge is just for decoration. You NEED to wear the hud as it's your communication through the game and stores much needed items. If you don't the game is gonna be a bit crap.

You're given a big long notecard on everything you need to do. Here's a quick summary.

  • Wear mobile phone hud
  • Take off unnecessary huds and lights (e.g Face lights). Seriously. No-one cares that you skin isn't shining.
  • Turn on Local lights (in preferences)
  • Put down draw distance low but not too low (It says in the note to put it at a minimum but I was finding things weren't rezzing and was ruining the lovely build.
  • Turn to midnight
And then you can skip on your merry way to impending torture. But before you travel to the Carnival Set (as instructed) look EVERYWHERE because there are freebies! Lots and lots of lovely freebies. EVERYWHERE!!! and I mean..EVERYWHERE! Though more for the ladies there is still plenty of unisex stuff to keep the men interested. Look out for small wooden boxes, tool boxes, blooded paper cups and candy floss along with other things scattered around all the sims.

Tel and I enjoyed our experience. I think we both got a little miffed towards the end as the lag started to hit us hard. Plus the amount of brightly coloured swirly things at the end was making Tel's head hurt. The ending felt like a little bit of a cop out but that might of been the fact that we were already tired of the lag which of course isn't the creators fault. All in all I think they did an awesome job and hope to see more interactive games like this is SL! I would recommend though going on your own and when it's a bit more quieter. I think it would make it that little bit more scary if you were the exploring alone. That or get a group of you and get in a private voice chat as you explore. See who can make it to the end first or who can collect the most prizes

Mmm meat!

Speaking of prizes I was able to go through all the goodies I picked up earlier today. Here's a little taster of what you can find.

Onward Batty!

Beautiful :>

Ok...maybe not.

I think a got tired of trying everything on and ended up with this :/

And now I'm the undead. The end!

Now that I'm dressed as a zombie and have left a reality show I was in the mood to watch Dead Set. I feel so sorry for anyone who doesn't live in the UK and hasn't had a chance to watch this. It purely brilliant and one of my fav zombie movies (even though it's set as episodes). The fact that it feels realistic (to me anyway) just makes it extra scary.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

Recent events

I do warn that there is a little bit of a emo bit at the beginning. If you want to skip that bit just go a few paragraphs down.

It's been awhile since I've posted. For a couple of reasons. Not much is happening in SL at the moment and I haven't actually been able to get on SL that much due to either work or internet problems.
Plus I've had to deal with things in my RL. Last month I was put on anti depressants for actually not being able to function properly with my day to day life. I'm a 26 transsexual male far away from any sorta physically changes. Even too far away to see a freakin specialist though the appointments in November. I lost my boyfriend of 7 years over it, my Dad cries now most times he sees me. I have a shitty job that hardly gives me any hours and when it does give me hours it's usually one 10 hour day with a 20 minute break. So you can see why I'm a little bit down.

I do have good things in my life. I have my friends and my Mum is very supportive. I also have Tel who will listen to me emo on. So life is not all that bad. I haven't mentioned I'm trans before in this blog but I think most people know now so *shrugs*

Another thing that happen RL was my dog was nearly put down. It was a very stressful week. Not only did I have to look after the dog but I also had to look after my Dad who was finding the whole situation very heart breaking. And though he has been..well..a bit of a cunt recently I couldn't let him bare it all by himself. I can't help but want to look after him. No matter how much he hates the choices I've made for myself. My dog is fine now though and though she still has cancer she'll hopefully will see out the rest of this year quite happily.

I also had to close Dead Chuffed inworld which was a bit sad. I should of really taken some photos. But I still have hope that I'll get a better job or sales will pick up on the MP site and I'll be able to open it again. It's not like I've totally stop everything.

OK now for some happy stuff!

Tel and I (well, mostly Tel) have been working on a haunted house for the sim. It was originally going to be in the main house, then it moved to the other side of the sim and THEN it moved to it's own sky box all together. But it looks amazing! I haven't got many pictures of it myself yet as I'm currently planning a machinema for it (script nearly done). Tel however has taken some awesome pictures (Here) as well as our good friend Franz (Here).  Here's what I do have though.

First changes to the house

Nomi's in the mist

Tel and I all demon'd up!

Me, mourning for my sanity..that died LONG ago.

View from inside the house with one of my favourite pictures.

Jack Skellington (Franz) came to take a look. Must get approval from the Pumpkin King!

The only scary thing about this table is that IT NEVER SHUTS UP!

I have the meeroo fever. I released the two kids Kerry and Imogen had and now have Kaede and Brendon who are two of the special meeroos that I've forgotten the names of lol. Troo I think.

Kaede is actually the largest now. She is one big lady!

"Gimme a cuddle, bitch!"

I keep on going to meeroo marketplaces and forcing myself not to buy anymore. Though I am tempted just to find a little plot of my own in these places, get some really nice meeroos and sell the nests. I still want a Koi. They are so cute! I did see however they have brought out special paint to give your meeroos different coats. The latest ones are Halloween themed and I might get one of them the skeleton one. It looks so cute X3..yesh, I'm a sucka for cute.

That's about it. One thig I haven't post up is the videos Tel and I made a couple of weeks back of our Nomi avatars. They are so cute! See how much I like cute. Cute is my anti drug! Mine isn't very good quality as I had to film it at my Dad's. But still silly :>

Annd this one is Tel's one! :D

Well that is it for SL. Tel and I don't get an amazing amount of time together at the moment but we're still going strong. It's nearly been a year since we first met and also close to when we first started this wonderful relationship. How time flies!

In RL my recent obsessions are Scott Pilgrim (Now that the hype has died down I like it again XD) and Batman. We've been playing Arkham Asylum now that my flat mate has a Xbox 360 and it rekindled my love for the 90's animation that was a truly underated cartoon. It was funny and clever all at the same time without being insulting towards kids intelligence. Much why I like the new series of My Little Pony. I think anyone of my generation (or those even a little older or a little younger) who really loved Saturday morning cartoons can really appreciate the obvious hard work that goes into these animations. Plus now that I've done a degree in animation I can't help but go "Oooh, that was nicely animated".

Anyway..I'll leave you with Batman singing the Jiggly Puff song. LOL!