Sunday, 2 January 2011

Some work done and PJ's Birthday

Phew. Finally got my procrastinating ass into gear and finally finished some work. Will have a busy couple of days getting everything together for the hand in on Wednesday. All nighter Tuesday and sleep all day Wednesday. That looks like the plan. I also need to make ANOTHER blog to show all my work online. I haven't actually posted up any of my school work so here..have a gander at a couple of characters desigs for 'The Magpie and the Cat' (Yeah..I like cats ok)

I got to spend a bit of time with Tel today which is always nice. Neither one of us has been in the greatest of moods these last couple of days due to one thing or the other but now the whole "excitement" of the new year has died down died we are both pretty much happier. After having a go on his steam boat I decided today would be PIRATE DAY! YAAR!

The hat came in a girl's outfit but L$1 for a spiffy new hat is nothing to sniff at. I liked to get dressed up whenever I dj and tonight was a special night. It was PJ's RL birthday today (don't know his ages. You never ask a lady that :P) and I offered to dj for him. Plus it was the first proper party at Spankies of the year which made me feel kinda special. Looked like all the regulars had missed the place because they were all there even before I got started.

Probably the busiest set I've done besides PJ's rezzday. Must remember to do more parties lol. 

Me with the Birthday Boy..nearly in his birthday suit. *lol*

Besides from the stream only crashing a couple of times things went pretty smoothly. I'm looking forward to getting back to uni and on a more reliable internet then my Dad's. After the set I spent a quiet moment collecting my thoughts before getting on with more uni work. Admiring Tel's photography but more importantly checking out the subject. Hey good looking! :P

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