Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Eric Whitacre's Virtual Choir - 'Lux Aurumque'

This I found kinda interesting while exploring some blogs.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

Yeah I know there's still a day to go till December!
Not much of a report today. I've just been exploring, taking some film footage around places and buying some bad hair :/
Looking on marketplace yesterday morning and got myself some mistletoe for the skybox. Came from {What Next} but for some reason couldn't find it in the store. But Marketplace are selling it for L$75 https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/what-next-Mistletoe-Kiss-Me-Lantern/794169

Comes with a little kissing animation but with a certain someone not online to try it with me cue Manny my poseball tester. I much prefer the face animations this does then the big lips kissy face.

It was meant to snow last night! Bloody lying BBC. Oh well. Leave with a video that's not really christmassy so I'm allowed it. Plus it's my favourite version of the song. Plus it's bloody freezing!

I thought blocking him on every avatar I have and blocking him from facebook would give him the message I never wanted to speak to him again! Now the evil ex brother is getting his lackies to contact me. Saying he forgives me and that he misses me. And not asking me to unblock him, practically TELLING me to unblock him. I'm leaving her unanswered for awhile. I think the best way to tackle this is just to ignore and block her as well. The temptation to say "Fuck off and die in a ditch" is very tempting though but it will only fuel his sick little drama flame.

Monday, 29 November 2010

Weekend Thinking

"Cold evenings call for hot baths ;)"

Being the last weekend of November and the final month of the year just round the corner I started doing that stupid thing I do from time to time. Thinking. Thinking too much about things that have been and what's to come. Probably the reason why I make so much of the holiday season is because it stops me thinking this way. I've done so much dwelling on past mistakes that it will only ruin my future if I don't just learn from them and carry on.
But thinking about it this year has actually been pretty good to me. Probably the worse thing that happened was the whole drama with the evil scum ex brother but that too opened a whole new world for me and new people. If I was still hanging around with him I'd be just messing about, ruining other people's fun and picking up the pieces after the dramas he had created. Now I have my own parcel with my kitties, I work at a good place with awesome people, I've made good friends with people at Tidra and I spend most of my time in the company of truly amazing guy who makes me feel great. Not only that but I've still got the good stuff from my previous life and people like Cat, Izzie and Garrett. Sure I had the hiccups along the way with Tux and Denny but even those are starting to smooth out now. Tux is less stalkie and Denny's slowly being less of a prick. All in all I've got nothing to worry about. At the moment...things are awesome in my SL.

Saturday was mostly spent working on uni work before seeing some RL friends for dinner, pub and pool. These are the friends I'll be spending next year with once I've finished my degree. My Dad even kinda pushed that I go and do a Masters but I really want to get back into working and earning my own money again. I came online and mostly messed about a bit with video footage until I got an invite from Franzi to join him at a 2 year anniversary party. The guys I didn't know but you gotta hand it to anyone who makes an SL relationship last for 2 years. Tel joined us when he logged on. He'd had a pretty rough couple of days with stuff in RL but I was still really pleased to see him.

Franzi headed off to bed and the party soon ended. Tel and I hopped back to his to change and headed to his favourite Goth club so he could dance off some rage from the previous couple of days. Unfortunately the place was very busy and very laggy that night. Tel tried to relog but never made it back. Even the DJ crashed and the stream went down for a few minutes. Luckily a back up DJ came along. I stayed to listen to some Gary Numan before I called it a night.

Sunday I moved to a bigger parcel on PJ's land. Now with a few more prims at my disposal I can GET MORE CATS! lol no no no no. Two is enough for me. Maybe a dog *grins* 
Even though I didn't plan to see him until later in the evening, Tel and I ended up spending most of our evening together which was really nice. After trying to sort out the teleporting problem on my new parcel I kept him company while he tried to get in contact with the creator of his sex bed who had offered him a free upgrade. We had to try out the new poses of course and went through the menu on the show room beds while we waited. Of course you'll get the odd on looker who isn't lucky enough to have his own sexy gentleman to try them out with. Seemed one very persistent newb really wanted to get in one some threesome action. At one point I think he even took a running jump. lol.


With no luck on contacting the creator, Tel and I got a TP from his SL son Spanki to a naked beach party. I hadn't met his son yet so thought this would be a good opportunity. Always good to meet your "hopefully soon" lover's family while prim wangs swing about the place. Wasn't really much of a party. Someone had just happen to turn the radio stream on, got naked and started dancing and went "Woooo naked party!" Still gave me a chance to dust off the old prim thingie and led to nice bath cuddles with Tel back at his place.

We talked, we laughed and messed about with the poses in his bath. Was great spending some time getting closer to my favourite fella especially seeing as the next few weeks are gonna be tricky for us to see eachother. With his new job and my deadlines drawing closer we'll most likely be online at different times if at all. We'll make it work...at least I hope so.  Franzi came up to the Kastle before going to bed to say nai nai. While we had been cuddling up in a hot tub, he had been downstairs RPing with a couple of the greatest specimens Gor had to offer. Hehehe. Aww noobs need some loving too, even if it does drive Franzi to committing virtual suicide.

All in all it was a nice weekend. Now to crack on with that real life.

Monday Song - Game On

I'll do a proper update later. Just taking a short break from story boarding. The "Do you want to Date my Avatar" video came up in discussion yesterday. It's alright but not as awesome as the this song The Guild brought over the Summer.

"Go to hell Real Life I'll punch you in the face" Hehehe!

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Bomberman and other games.

These are the games I picked up Friday morning. The first game shown is The Same Game. Bit like bejewelled where you have to click colours that are the same together. The second is Puyo Puyo which is a bit like Tetris where you have to get 4 of the same colour together and not reach the top. And Last but not least is Bomber Man. One of my favourite games as a kid. Those who don't know it's a pretty boring game on your own as the aim of the game is to blow up all your enemies without getting blown up yourself. Oh how terrible un-PC for this day and age! XD So what makes these games so awesome? Well..

1) The two first games are awesome time wasters if you're a little bored. I found myself getting a little addicted to Puyo Puyo so make sure I don't keep it out of else I'll be playing it all day. Bomberman though you really need a group of people to play and you can have up to 5!

2) They are only L$1...That's right...everything in the store is only L$1

and 3) They are full perms so (I'm not saying you should but) you can give a copy to all your friends, family, enemies, pets, slaves, newbs, vampires, ANYONE!

The creator's website is here http://ameblo.jp/sl-dreamfactory/ but you'll need a Japanese translator for it...or read Japanese. This has all the SLURLS to her stores.

Saturday, 27 November 2010


Yesterday was Black Friday for the states but was mostly white Friday for the UK as the snow started coming down. 

I logged on in the morning with promises of finding a Bomberman game that you can play in world. I went searching for it when suddenly there was a group im from Jungleboys...why am I still in Jungleboys?

[05:00]  Taylor2 Spyker: hi boiz, does anyone have the onigokko dance and gesture, i miss it so much i used to have it and it made me giggle so much
[05:00]  RobertaTVX Resident: sorry , No
[05:01]  Aiden Zufreur: nope sry
[05:01]  Leigh Mosely: i do
[05:01]  kral Myrtle: YAY
[05:01]  Taylor2 Spyker: yay thanks goodboy
[05:01]  Derren Nexen: There you go
[05:01]  GoodBoyJay Fall: i tihnk thats it taylor
[05:01]  Taylor2 Spyker: and derren
[05:01]  Taylor2 Spyker: and beeley
[05:01]  Taylor2 Spyker: belley
[05:01]  Taylor2 Spyker: and leigh lol

Thinking he might already have it, I handed Taylor the "big booty bitches" dance that Franzi gave me the other night.

[05:02]  Derren Nexen: Do this one though it's better!

Then after awhile...

[05:07]  Taylor2 Spyker: how do i make this big booty bitches thing
[05:07]  Taylor2 Spyker: work
[05:07]  Derren Nexen: just say on
[05:07]  Taylor2 Spyker: thannks
[05:07]  Derren Nexen: and off to turn it off
[05:07]  Derren Nexen: :>
[05:08]  Taylor2 Spyker: yes that sawesome
[05:08]  Taylor2 Spyker: i will terrorise thousands
[05:08]  Derren Nexen: haha oh no what have I started.
[05:09]  Erik Mavros: You've started a big booty bitches revolution
[05:09]  Derren Nexen: then my plan is working >:3
[05:09]  Taylor2 Spyker: everyone is about to get a visit in jungleboys by the chief

After a lil while more....

[05:11]  JuliusCaesar Ghostraven: My home is getting raided by thee cheif!!!!!!!!!!
[05:11]  JuliusCaesar Ghostraven: AHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oh dear. What had a I started.

[05:15]  Taylor2 Spyker: woo!
[05:15]  Taylor2 Spyker: i got big booty bitches

In the end I found the Bomberman game and loads of others too. But they are too awesome to blog about now. I'm gonna make a video and do it's own little post of it.

Later in the evening after RL shoppings and Chinese all you can buffet...

I covered for Seo again last night which only started getting really busy about 3:30 SLT. You gotta understand that's 11:30pm for me. I played for a whole four and a half hours which was REALLY not my plan. Still people had fun and I looked pimping in my shades and pipe! Also can't sniff at those tips. Hehehe money money money.

I hanged around with Bella most of the evening. I showed her my Christmas decorations and we decided to go shopping. She forced L$400 in my hands and told me to buy something. We ended up buying matching outfits...and if that wasn't bad enough...HERE are the outfits.

Yep! Bright yellow jump suit. Bella got a pink one and her brother Brayden got the same colour as me. After taking a picture with my two favourite kiddy winks it was time to say nainai. This was first night in a long time without seeing Tel but I guessed he would be busy in RL or tired after his first day of training. Hopefully I'll catch him again this weekend. Either way..THIS is what happens when he's not around looking after me lol!

Exploring Showcase.

With the holiday season under way in the states and themselves gorging on massive amounts of food it seemed oddly quiet on SL. Spankies was insanely quiet when I went there which was sad for poor dl who was Djing.

After a lil bit of music I hopped over to a couple of stores and bought a couple of things with the left over money I had from my rent. Decided I would get myself back into a crimbo mood and explore some more winter sims that are in Showcase. Pfft. Well that was a rubbish idea. Seemed most of them had moved on and the lm details where wrong. Humph! So I decided to go to the first place that took my interest.


I'm not sure the real point of this sim but it's funny as hell. As soon as you tp in there are zombies EVERYWHERE and they are coming after you. Lucky there's a free box of guns you can pick up to shoot the buggers from the safety of your own ice cream van.

Haha! Take that!

But they keep coming and I think some chick that tp'd in was trying to shoot me also. So I legged it to the safety of one of the houses and looked through showcase for another place to go.

Making sure I locked the windows first of course!

Decided to go somewhere a little more quiet so tp'd to some ruin sims just so I could chillax and explore.

I don't have any of the Slurls for these places. I know I'm crap. But you can find them all in showcase anyway so don't be lazy buggers. This place however was really nice. Everything was set out on separate islands so was  a good excuse for me to use my SLwim. Explored around, messed about on some of the single pose balls and took some photos. With a bit of music it was a nice way to just relax really seeing as it had been a long and stressful day.

Hello Mr Heron...or are you a Stork?

Pretty...just before some guy TP'd on my head and tried to talk to me in Spanish :/

"You remind me of the babe..."

The sim was massive and well worth the explore. The next castle I popped over too finally gave me a little taste of that winter spirit I wanted. Shame the rest of the sim was covered in crap.

After my wonder through showcase I was asked by Tel to join him at Hotlanta. Was a perfect ending to my evening :) 

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Kitty Vid

More videos. Just going through the stuff I've recorded in the past and having a practice with editing them. This was when I first got Seb. He's a little bitch to record as he runs all over the place!

Big Booty Bitches

Tel was AFK at the time. We thought we'd have a little dance around him. I think he knew we were doing it but I don't think he knew it was being recorded. :P Better to watch this on Youtube at 360p


Just a song real quick before I go to uni. Funny I should find out I actually have no classes this morning as I'm just about to leave the flat. Ha. Back into my warm bed I went! I run an animation viewing society at uni so just posting real quick before I pop off. It's an hour walk to my campus so just updating dee ol ipod with some new tracks. Heard this track again after a long time and thought it was fitting. Shame this was the only decent version I could find on youtube. I wish Duran Duran would stop fannying about with "the cool kids" like Timberlake and Timberland, get Andy back and make the tunes that got them famous. Poor Simon Le Bon, he's so porky. I've seen Duran Duran live twice and he tried to crowd surf last time. Ended up just falling through the crowd with a bunch of 40-something women screaming at him. Hehehe. They are very awesome live though.

Wednesday, 24 November 2010


Tel took me to a wonderful sim last night know as Immersiva. Been a loooong time since I had been to a sim that made me go 'whoa'. At first sight it just looks like an interesting build but then you get to the nitty gritty of it. The stories that are scattered around the sim all told in beautiful poetry. The amount of detail and creativity in this place is truly breath taking. Shows that SL can be far more.

My shoddy photography does it no justice lol. Took me a moment to get the right sky settings as well. The owner Bryn Oh is also a talented machinima. You can find links to her work scattered round the sim but here's also a link to her YouTube account. I recommend that you explore the whole sim, do try and climb the tower and also find the story of The Rabbicorn. That was my favourite one.

In other news...heh. I'm just very happy at the moment *smiles*

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Pregnancy Test Results...

Ok so I used a WHOLE L$5 on the pregnancy test. This is how it went.

[16:29]  Kianta Design - Pregnancy Test V.3.2 (Wear Me): Please wait....

It asked me to choose a language...so I picked English, picked my sex...and then

[16:29]  Kianta Design - Pregnancy Test V.3.2 (Wear Me) whispers: 죄송합니다. 당신은 임신을 하지 않았습니다.

It made this weird crying animation with a very creepy crying sound and then nothing else. What was it then? Was I going to have to buy pixel diapers or not. So I clicked it again.

[16:29]  Kianta Design - Pregnancy Test V.3.2 (USED): Sorry only for one use, you need to purchase another test. Thanks

WHAT THE HELL!? Cheap mutha fuckers! I went to a 'Korean to English' converter site to see what it said.

"I'm sorry. You are pregnant, they have not"

So..erm...am I or aren't I. I guess I'll find out when the fat belly comes along and I start getting cravings for sugar puff sandwiches. Until then I'm gonna wear crazy demo hair and smoke my freebie pipe!

That virtual bundle of joy.

I'm currently waiting for a friend to come round and for me to give approval on his new girlfriend (lol) so thought I would browse marketplace while I wait. See if there was any nice freebies or cheap stuff I could pick up.

First of  all I KNOW things like these exist in SL. I've already had a convo with Tel about how much prim babies weird me out. I know about xcite virginity and pregnancy huds with the f-ing annoying talking bellies. I once dated a lass who made me wear a virtual rubber before she went on the virtual pill.  BUT THIS?!?

That's right ladies! Once your man has laid his pixel seed in you, you too can find out the joy of becoming a mother by RP peeing on your own virtual pregnancy test. This is only 5 lindens as well. Even though I haven't done pixel bumping in awhile and I lack a womb I'm still tempted to try this out. Will give it a try later and post up the results. I thought this was just a one off..THEN I actually searched for it.


What the HELL?! At least 2 pages of this stuff?! I've bought some rubbish in my time but...it even has a medieval pregnancy kit. WHY!? Surely you know you're pregnant when you go out and buy the freakin' PRIM BABY! I guess it's all for RP purposes. It only gets worse.


Yep...virtual periods too. I was told about this but didn't want to believe it was true. Oh lordie.

That's enough weirding me out for one night. I'm sure there's much worse out there.

Monday song - Saturday Night

I forgot to put up a Monday song! *smacks face.*
Oh well, one of my favourite songs at the moment. Saturday Night by Suede.

"Cos tonight we'll go drinking we'll do silly things,
and never let the winter in,
And it'll be okay like everyone says, it'll be alright and ever so nice"

Monday, 22 November 2010

More SL in a Web Browser

Started to look at other people's experiences with testing. Oh linden labs you fail box.

Second Life on Web Browser

Michelle shared a video today of her testing the web browser beta for Second Life. I didn't even know this existed until now. Shows how much I pay attention to the Linden blogs. It opened to for everyone to test on the 16th. You can err..make your own views from the video. I don't think it's something I'll be rushing too. She also posted up this funny blog link of someone's experience with using the new web browser function.

Sunday, 21 November 2010

The Whinery Match Game

Here's a little clip of The Whinery Match Game we played last night. The user names come up half way through so you can see the text answer. Not the greatest quality but meh..you get what happens :P

Blankety Blank

I logged on to SL to write some notecards when Realtime sent out the group message asking for people to join the Whinery in a game. I hadn't been to The Whinery in a looonng time but it seemed every time I went there no-one was about. So I thought I'd pop by and see some old faces and watch them play a game which I thought would probably be '5 minute Pony'. I'm rubbish at this because it involves building and fast building at that. Considering I've tried most things in SL building isn't really one of them for some reason. Probably because when I first started I was on a tiny tiny laptop which drove me insane trying to make anything out of the screen.

I went over there, was told to sit in a certain place if I wanted to watch like the freakin' gullible tit I am and ended up in The Whinery's version of Match Game. We over in the UK call it Blankety Blank and it pretty much follows the same rules. So after a long wait of getting more people to play and an explanation of the rules we ended up playing a rather 'interesting' game that would surely have Terry Wogan shocked.

'No-one had a Wogan Wand!'

After a very tight game of herrings, the welsh and bonjela, 'Cake' made it to the final round but unfortunately no lindens were won. I got to take the piss out of Marty after him sending me creepy ims (again!) so that was the game won for me. That mullet man stalks everyone. All in all it was really good seeing some old faces again!

I have a video of part of the game uploading...will post up later :)

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Last couple of days...

It's been interesting to say the least these last couple of days. A lot happening that has given me plenty to think about and where my Second Life is going.

A rather distressing night brought out someone's feelings for me. Which I actually really wasn't expecting. I've had feelings for this person for awhile but sort of pushed them aside to pretty much save myself. Knowing (or atleast thinking) this person didn't want anything like that or anyone like me I thought it would be best to just be a good friend. Well now...heh. Guess I was wrong. Glad I am too *grins*. Things are going slowly but hell, we're in no rush. I'm too busy enjoying this person's company and being a bit more then his friend ;) Won't mention his name here yet. He knows who he is anyway lol.

Some other stuff has happened but I don't feel it's appropriate for blog writing at the moment. I'm just hoping it can get sorted.

Covered for Seo's set last night (cos he sucks lol) made a pretty lil penny so was able to pay for my rent for another week and have a little left over for ..erm...*cough*...this lil guy.

Wah! I couldn't help it! I had to buy another one! They're too cute and I feel bad when Sebastian is on his own. I KNOW he's just pixels lol! But after changing my skybox and having a few extra prims to myself I just wanted two of the lil guys running about. So we welcome Murdoc to the family. 

He spends most of his time getting lost under the tree, playing with the ball and running away from Seb. He also likes running past me when I call him, the little bitch. But just before crashing I was able to get a picture of him and Seb having a cuddle. How can you not D'aaww at that!? That's proper bro love there!

I'll be a virtual crazy cat dude yet :P

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Christmas far too early.

Due to a bit of a stressful day after the presentation I wanted an evening of relaxing. I'm already in the Christmas spirit and decided to buy some really nice stuff this year and just make it last a little longer in my skybox.

The holographic Christmas tree is a freebie on xstreet and looks awesome. You can get yours here! https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/NECRONOM-FREE-CHRISTMAS-TREE-virtual-cyber-xmas-tree/514489
There's still lots more I want to do but starting this early means I can build up as the christmas season (and most importantly the christmas freebies) start coming in.

"Your promise must be the reason,
The happy season is here;
So I'm doing my Christmas dreaming
a little early this year"

I realised while I was decorating that this is actually gonna be my first Christmas on SL that I'm living alone. My first Christmas I lived with Garrett and my second Christmas I lived with *shudder* the shit bag ex brother. Seems a little sad but hey at least I get to put up what I want. :P

It's dark, and we're wearing sunglasses....


After spending a good couple of hours on a production presentation I needed some chill out time. I decided to check out some showcase places that had been previewed on facebook. Of course, lil Sebby and I had to get pimped out. The shades I got free from the best freebie store in SL (to me anyway), ::Maschienenwerk:: I recommend the chucks definitely. http://slurl.com/secondlife/Shoemaker/234/191/25 is the lastest place it is but it changes sims a lot. I got the fedora off xstreet for L$50 and I'm pretty sure is meant to be worn with hair. https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Fedora-Black-Charcoal/986640

So we headed out like total badasses ready to take on the second world. I wanted to check out The Trap 2.0 which is an 'interactive maze.' I just ended up on some strange coloured blocks sim with a big ol' tree in the middle and lots of people going "Where's the maze?!?" Looked like a sim still being built but didn't stop us having a snoop around.

Ooh Pretty!

After the disappointment with that I wanted a maze! So I checked showcase and found this little place...cleverly called 'The maze'.
Not only did I find a pretty good (and difficult) maze I also saw my first SL Christmas tree that was really damn nice! 

I recommend checking out The Maze but this version is only up for a few more days. Then it will be replaced with a new one. Don't forget to pick up your light stick as that's what gets you the prize at the end.

I didn't get to the prize at the end. I got to level 3 (there are 5 levels) and then visited a freebie Christmas shop with some friends I hadn't hung out with for awhile. Check out this store. If you want some free Christmas tat this is the place to go! http://slurl.com/secondlife/Piren%20Bistrano/45/250/57

I picked up some Christmas stuff and now ready to deck my halls with bells of holly. Can it be December now?

Jaz told us a great little tip for the new Second Life market place (which I think sucks compared to xstreet). If you type in 'promo' in the search box this is the most likely word to get you free or very cheap shizz on marketplace. Ain't that nice! :D

Monday, 15 November 2010

Monday Song - Love Games

Seeing as my internet has decided to be nice I'm gonna post up my Monday Song real quick. I heard the 8-bit version of this a few days back and remembered how much I love some of the songs from Mighty Boosh. Posted up the live version because I think they are funnier live. Got a chance to see the second live show round about this time two years ago. Good times :) Anyway...It's something to cheer up those Monday or whatever blues.

"Gregory, we had a time....well, more of a rape..."

Collared and chuffed.

For some reason the internet has decided it doesn't want to play. It seems OK for the moment but I'm not even sure if I'll even get this post up (if you're reading this I guess it hasn't died on my yet). It started cutting out on me last night and I hate just logging off without being able to say goodnight to people. And I was having some good conversations too. Grr.

In Tidra news I finally got collared *yay*. Dead performed the ceremony out in the jungle where he found Derren. Was a really nice ceremony but I wish I wasn't as jittery as I was. Due to having to take drugs for some allergies (as much as I love cats I'm allergic to them and my mum has three) my fingers kept on shaking all over the keyboard. Seeing as Tel is OK with the RP I'll post it up when I get a chance. Currently as my internet doesn't want to play I can't get on SL. Will try again tonight and if that doesn't work will be back in my student digs by tomorrow afternoon.

Spankies is going through some changes. PJ is re-organizing the whole sim with possible chances to re-designing the club. Am interested to see how that all pans out.

Going to see John Bishop tonight with the RL BF and his mum. The dude is freakin' hilarious. Big fan of dry humour.

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Where would I go?

I'm back at my Dad's house for the weekend which has kind of cheered me up a bit. I've been slightly depressed about RL and university work. So coming back to the country side has lifted my spirits a bit. I'm a country boy at heart.

Not much movement going on in SL. Tel and I keep missing each other online so I'm still not collared. I have however got my collar, cuffs and silks ready to wear when the time comes. Hopefully I'll catch him today. Fran has been talking about closing Tidra which I really don't want to happen. I can understand his frustration of there only being 5 of us there but would be a shame to have worked on something for so many months only to close it down. I want to do all I can to help but not sure what I can really do though. Can't really go to other sims and pass out landmarks. I don't know any other Gor people. All my friends are either kids, women or straight. Or not into RP. Where would I go if Tidra was to close? I know Tel doesn't want a personal slave and I've had an offer from River that I could follow him and Fran but I don't know if Fran wants me as a personal slave. To be honest I'm not sure I want to be a personal slave to anyone...not yet anyway. I'll learn how to be a better slave quicker if I'm a fort slave. At least that's what I think. Sey has also offered I can follow him to another Gor sim. I don't know. Seems as soon as I find a new place it all falls apart. I don't want to see that happen to Tidra. I want to see it grow and flourisher. Gotta think what I can do to help.

Someone told me something quite personal last night which I think brought us closer together. Which is awesome. I always found it a bit hard to strike up conversation as I wasn't quite sure what to say. Now I feel a lot closer to this person :)

I couldn't help but annoy my ex last night. It had been the first time we 'kinda' talked since I took him off my friend list. I'm still "in a huff" to quote a friend. If that's what he wants to call it then fine. I think my actions are perfectly reasonable after the way he treated me. The 'intelligence' he apparently has is far superior then my own of course. I couldn't understand his pain and suffering over the whole ordeal. Pfft I did and I tried to be nice no matter how much I was hurting inside. Now stop being a selfish asshole and grow a pair. I could rant on for days but it's not worth the effort.

Bitter that he was partnered about a week after our split...maybe. Lol. Feels like no matter how much I care or love someone it will still get shoved back in my face. Wah this is turning into quite a ranty blog entry. It was going to happen. I miss having someone I wait online for and who would wait for me, instantly im-ing me and wanting to know how I am. Go exploring, talk for hours about nothing and all that shizz. Blah. I just can't see it happening again.

Thursday, 11 November 2010

Kitty Friends!

On a more happier note I let Sebastian run free with some of my friend's kitties and puppy yesterday. So damn cute how they interact with eachother. I'm really tempted to get another one but I lack the money and prims to have another lil cutie running about the skybox.

Wherever I Lay My Hat.

Apparently I've broken two hearts this week *rolls eyes*. Go me! Not being heartless but treat me like a booty call and I'll treat you just the same.

"For I'm the type of guy who gives girl the eye,
everybody knows.
But I love them and I leave them,
break their hearts and deceive them everywhere I go."

I love this song.

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Splinters in my butt...

I DID post up my lil story of my time in the jungle but for some reason a small part of the ending had been cut off. So will post it back up once I've re-written it.

Dead the tavern keeper found Derren while on a expedition for herbs. He's now been washed, fondled, poked (with a sword...tsk pervs), fed and left in a cage overnight to learn his new status in life. Will most likely be collared tomorrow night.

In other non RP news I'm djing again tomorrow. Better download some new tunes though Wednesdays are usually quiet. PJ has also asked me to come up with a design for the club website. Not much of a web designer but see what I can do. ;)

Bedtime me thinks. *Tries his best to get comfortable in his cruddy little cage* damn you Dead.

Rock me Gently

Just a song. Been listening to this version a lot lately.

Erasure – Rock Me Gently (Acoustic Union Street)

Time in the Jungle

It had only been a couple of hours sleep but Derren was already wide awake. His head was swimming with thoughts of his decision. To stay and become a slave or to fend for himself in the jungle. He looked round at his friend River as he slept soundly. It was obvious he had made up his mind and that was to stay. The jungle had scared him too much. Derren's eyes scanned the room at the pictures, dimly lit by the fading fire. Portraits of what could be his future. Men binded and whipped, cuffed and collared. His skin crawled. Though his captor seemed generally nice while they drank that night, who knew if his attitude would change as soon as he submitted. No. He couldn't live like that. He wouldn't live like that.

As far as he knew he was still free to leave. He grabbed whatever silks he could find in the pile of laundry and tied it round his waist. The cloth smelled of dried sweat but it was better then cold and naked. He wrapped another round his shoulders and prepared to leave. He looked back at River, still sleeping softly, and wondered if he should make one last plea to join him. He knew in his heart that it would be hopeless. He kissed him softly on his golden hair, trying not to wake him, and left for the door.

The fort was still and quiet. Steeping outside the gates he looked out at the sea as the sun was just rising. He stood there for a moment, wondering if anyone else on the ship had survived. And if they had did they reach the island. Derren held no hope and sighed deeply. He looked up and watched the fading 3 moons, a sign of a new day. Giving the fort one last look he tighten the silk around his shoulders and headed into the jungle.

It seemed like miles when Derren finally stopped to rest. The sun was full in the sky and the heat was becoming unbearable. He found some shade and slipped off  the silks around his shoulders. He was tired and hungry but at least he was free. That was the important thing, right? He started to question his decision of leaving the fort and leaving River behind. He wondered if River had been collared yet and was starting his new life as a slave. He leaned back against the tree that was shading him as thoughts ran through his head. Trying his best to keep his wits about him, his exhaustion and the warm breeze soon get the better of him. His eyes refuse to stay open and he falls into a deep sleep.

The sun makes it's way across the sky and the winds begin to cool. Derren shivers, feeling tiny scratches over his body until he is woken suddenly with a sharp bite on his finger.
"Argh! What then...?" He shouts, flinching his hand back to his face. Hanging off his finger, teeth buried deep into his skin was what looked like a rat. Derren screams a number of strong profanities and violently shakes his hand in attempt to get the little beast to release his finger. The creature finally lets go and is swung into the bushes. Derren looks at his bleeding hand and examines the deep bite. He clasps it tightly in the silks he had stolen and tries to find water to cleanse the wound. Luckily he had stopped only a few feet away from a lagoon and dipped his hand into the cooling waters. Watching then blood swim into the water, he hisses painfully as he tries his best to rub the tender skin along his finger.
"Great start to a first day" he jokes to himself, trying in vain to keep his spirits high. He takes his still bleeding finger out of the water and wraps it tightly with a ripped piece of silk. He sits back on the bank and watches as his blood seeps quickly through the rag. Frustrated, he rips the now bloody rag off his finger and tries to make a thicker bandage. Pulling as tight as he can he stops the flow and breathes a sigh of relief.
"See, you can do this whole survival thing." He encourages himself, lifting to his feet. Dusting off his thighs he hears rustling coming from the bushes behind him. He listens carefully, noticing that the snorts and grumbles heading towards him were not human. Suddenly vicious reptilian creatures pounce from the bushes, snarling and heading straight for him. He takes no chances and begins to run as quick as he can. The 6 legged creatures charge after him, chasing him through the dense jungle overgrowth. His feet slipping on the grass and leaves as he stumbles his way through the as quick as he can. The 6 legged creatures charge after him, chasing him through the dense jungle overgrowth. His feet slipping on the grass and leaves as he tries his best to escape them. Forcing himself not to look back but hearing their snaps and snarls as they quickly catch up on him. This was it. This was the end. He should of stayed at the fort, swallowed his pride and become a slave. Now he was going to be eaten alive. He catches his foot on some low growing vine and trips, sending him flying through the air. Expecting to hit the hard earth he finds himself falling down into a deep pit, landing face first into the thick, wet mud. He lies there for a moment, waiting for his immanent death only to hear the growls and snarls much further away then they were before. He slowly looks up, the beasts now circling his muddy prison The sides too steep for them to venture down to attack him. He pulls himself up onto his knees and examines his dirt covered body. He tries his best to wipe away the mud but only seems to make it worse. He leans back against the wall of the pit and watches the creatures circle from the ground above him. The faith and determination he had at the begining of the day was now gone. Replaced with fear, hunger and loneliness. With no way out until the creatures left, he sat with his face in his hands and quietly wept.

Monday, 8 November 2010

Monday Song - Double Rainbow

Monday's are never fun so each Monday I'll post a song to cheer away those Monday blues.
This Monday....DOUBLE RAINBOW!...it's intense!

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Happy Rez Day PJ

It was PJ's 3rd Rezzday today! An awesome turn out of people coming to celebrate! Thank you to everyone who came :D Here some pictures!