Monday, 30 May 2011

Photos, Pride and Thigh high boots.

I wanted to post up some more wedding photos. These ones taken by other who were able to make it.
These were taken by Asheranna who was awesome enough to e-mail a bunch of photos to us. Don't think she has a Flickr but if she does I will post it up.

These were taken by Alayni who also did a quick photo shoot with us after everything had wrapped up. You can find her Flickr here

This one being my favorite :3

Things are starting to ease down now and I feel myself sort of stuck in a rut. I have a lot more time to venture into SL. Unfortunately I don't have much to DO in SL. I've been coming up dry with creative inspiration on what to make for the store. Blah. I have however taken on the challenge of starting a new blog for the Spankies Club. Watch this space.

Tel mentioned on Saturday that we didn't go to one SL Pride event last week. My response..."meh". Though I'm an out and proud bi guy I've probably suffered more discrimination from the LGBT community then those "boring old hetros". Though I still get the "You're you're gay?" question *rolls eyes*. Pride was important back in the day and those who fought for our rights to love whoever we want truly were brave and courageous. But I feel some push the struggle back by discriminating those that don't fit into their style or ideas of sexuality. Plus I can't stand those who think they are fighting the big fight by just slapping each others cocks in each others faces. If I wanna see that I have a few porno links saved in my bookmarks. I've always believed that people can do or be whoever the hell they want as long as they are not hurting anyone in the process. I just hate those who think they're fighters for the cause but are really just massive sluts or complete negative douche bags. People can be promiscuous if they want to be just don't judge my sexuality because I don't wanna stick my dick in every hole I see. In a way...I find most of it a little pretentious.

I have a couple of examples of this. One being a video I uploaded from a Rick and Steve episode.One scene that I researched into while writing my essay on homosexuality in animation.

Another is a web comic called Moon over June...which I'm not putting a link to because I don't want to promote it in anyway. The characters (especially the ginger one) are such horrible, man hating, grossly unlikeable characters it would make any lesbian embarrassed for her sexuality or any woman for her gender for that matter.

However it's still nice to have big events to celebrate everything we should be proud and happy about. I just get a bit bored seeing the same old guy, wearing the same old shape and the same old skin with the same topless/jeans combo, talking about dick and calling it a celebration. Isn't that pretty much everyday in any gay club in SL :P

Instead, Tel and I ventured to our favorite 80's night at Club Industry in our sexy thigh high boots. Izzie, my old friend from the days of Manny also joined us.

Thigh high boots are a little kink of mine on both women and men. Tel especially pulls them off very well :P. Everything about them, to me, promotes sex and power. Giving the person who wears them the aura of "I am sexy and I will fuck you up!" That sexy confidence which is always a turn on. 

I'll leave off with a scene from one of my favorite films Kinky Boots. To me, pride isn't an event. That's just a fun party or an excuse for some guys to slap their cocks in each others faces (and if anyone wants the links I'll give them to ya! :P ). Pride, as a metaphor, is zipping up your boots and walking down that runway with confidence, singing out loud "These boots are made for walking!". Pride is being who you want to be and not letting those who practice hatred or ignorance stop you, even if they are meant to be fighting for your side.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Hot Honeymoon Pics

We have some hot sexy pics of our much awaited honeymoon. But they are pretty racy so have put them behind a jump break. Click the link below to see more.

Friendship is Magic! :D

Anyone who knows me in RL knows I'm a huge fan of the new series of the new My Little Pony series, Friendship is Magic. I know what you're thinking. "Isn't that a cartoon for small girls?" It's hard to explain unless you're a big fan of good animation and appreciate cartoons that don't patronize kid with pushing popular culture in their faces. This is actually very popular among those of the interweb. Don't believe me? Check this out!

Anyway. I was at Cybernetik last night listening to my sl step dad Johnny do his first set there. Was quite a crowd and was an awesome set!

Someone tp'd in with...and this is what I had been waiting for since I got into the series...A PONY AVIE. To which voices in my head start ringing "WANTWANTWANTWANTWANTWANT!!"

I hop to marketplace and start searching madly for the pony avie but only find the add on unicorn horn and pegasus wings. I did actually find a free Pinky Pie anthro avie on MarketPlace which would of already made my day!

I still wanted the pony avie I had seen so took a look for Galactic Toast, which was the store that was selling the extra add ons on MP. It turns out the avie is still in beta stages and has been given out free for all those are part of the Galactic Toast group. So I joined and grabbed my free pony avie. As long as you know how to work the hud, it is very customizable. Here's my pony Jaz Tea. 

My flat mate Jack (after seeing these pics on Facebook) asked if I would make up one for him too. He's probably a bigger fan then I am lol! Here's his pony Tanky Jack.

My new husband Tel soon logged in and had to join in the fun (though he knows nothing of the new My Little Pony except that I love it). 

Derpy Hooves lol!

And just so you know..Derpy Hooves IS an actual character in the series. Don't believe me?

Derpy Hooves was first seen as a background character during the very first episode. The internet fanbase saw the little grey pony with crossed eyes and gave her the name "Derpy Hooves". The creators discovered this and whether it was done by mistake or as a practical joke they continued to give the grey little pony derpy eyes.

And that's why the series is awesome! :>

Friday, 27 May 2011

What makes a wedding?

What makes a Second Life wedding?
  • One and half hours sleep with added anxious dreams.
  • A bag full of nerves
  • One stomach filled with butterflies
  • A one hour walk to meet your mother to take you back to your Dad's house.
  • One princess tart (It's a cake they sell in Ikea. Nahm nahm)
  • One small dog to look after for the night.
  • One useless dad to decide he wouldn't be away on work after all.
  • One computer (Take a couple of hours to fully fix the slowness)
  • 1..2...ok 6 bottles of beer.
  • One internetz (Extra praying to hope is doesn't crash)
  • One land parcel with 60 avie limit (Thank you PJ!)
  • One beautiful ceremony area.
  • One last minute photographer (Thank you Alayni!)
  • One amazing Officiator who also made an equally amazing cake (Thank you Mist)
  • Two best men (one each lol. Thank you again Garrett and Franzi)
  • One awesome DJ (Thank you Joey)
  • A group of friends and family (Thank you to everyone who came!)
  • One handsome and equally nervous husband to be <3
  • One set of personal written, re-written and written again vows.

Mix these all together and you get the perfect SL wedding. felt perfect to me anyway. We've been waiting for this day for so long now it almost felt like a dream it was finally happening. Tel will be posting the ceremony on his blog but River has already beat him to it if you wish to read along with loads of photos.

Franzi also made us a wonderful video! Thank you again!

I can't thank enough everyone who came and had supported us during our whole relationship. Also those who couldn't make it but sent their best wishes.

So I've started my first day as Derren Macarthur. Heh, sounds good, doesn't it? Now to enjoy a less stressful Tel and my SL with my new husband :)

P.S Honeymoon time! See you in a month! :P

Sunday, 22 May 2011

Garrett and Gabe's Wedding

Must be the season for weddings. I was asked last minute to be a grooms man at my friend Garrett's wedding. The ceremony was very beautiful and surprisingly not that much lag (not on my part anyway). Not until the dancing started later. Here's a few snaps I got.

Me escorting my bridesmaid Kalli LIKE A BOSS!

The only high res pic  I was able to get. Garrett waiting and probably pooing his pants.

Only in a SL wedding can you quickly nip to the bathroom while you wait for the other bridesmaids and groomsmen to walk down the aisle. with stuck silly face.

Groomsmen. Two with very shiney shoes!

Gabe walking down the aisle

There was a pretty big crowd though you can't really tell because of so much seating.

I know they had been planning this for ages. Glad to finally see them doing it.

No kiss unfortunately due to lag but Garrett was finally able to carry off his new husband. Congrats guys!

Tel couldn't make it to the ceremony due to RL commitments but was able to make it so we could share a dance.

It got me pretty excited about our own wedding that is only 5 days away now. For Tel it'll be on Thursday but for me it'll be at 2am on Friday morning lol. Talk about a crazy time to get hitched. Only in SL...or Vegas.

We were having trouble talking to the sim owner who had promised us a sky platform. Lucky for us we have the awesome PJ who has leant us a 1/4 sim for the week to build and to host the wedding. Tel has been a busy bee getting everything prepared while I have been helping where I can. We also have an officiator now in the form of Mistletoe Ethaniel. Just need a DJ now who I can dump all my music files on and go "Play this!"
We still have plenty of time for everything so I'm not worried. I'm more worried about having to go back home to look after my dad's house on Thursday and crashing during the ceremony due to his shoddy connection.

Friday, 20 May 2011

It's been a while.


After a few weeks of intense uni work (ok maybe not THAT intense but it sure felt like it) and some personal problems I can say that I'm pretty much fully back into this whole blog stuff...thing..that I do.

Yeah.. :|

I haven't been on SL that often as of recent so not much has been happening. Tel and I have mostly been making plans for the wedding which is only a week away now *le gasp* We had the fun but also difficult task of getting a nice picture of us for the invites which will be going out soon. Here's a few shots I was able to grab (mostly lols)

Green screen fabulousness!

"That's nice dear. Now put it back in the person you found it in."

What? I make skipping look manly!

Tel's creepy smile :O

That's better!

Free engagement pose from Gay Glitterati


My favourite one...though Tel is freakishly tall :|

Once the wedding is over I'm going to go back into making stuff for Dead Chuffed and hopefully full fill some promises I made for myself at the beginning of the year. Because my RL time will be spent mostly job hunting I can use a few hours actually learning different sculpt softwares and getting more of a selection in my store. If I'm lucky to get a RL job that pays enough I'll get myself a store inworld so I can make some better sales. The shadow eye bands are the best seller but they are starting to pop up everywhere now on SL and mine are no longer the lowest priced and there are some of better quality. Better get designing!