Monday, 28 February 2011

Let's Build!

The MENstuff hunt finishes today and I never found the time to finish it. Oh well. I'm sure I'll live. Considering most of the stuff from about 102 - 135 was a bit questionable.


No...besides the the glasses..they're pretty cool.

Hmmm maaybe

And WAT!?!

Now I have the fun task of clearing out all the crap I don't want from my inventory. Yaay!

But that's not important right now. Sounds silly but I'm actually pretty excited about this. Considering I've almost been here for almost 3 years I have never really built anything. When I first really got into SL I had a tiny laptop that made building somewhat impossible without killing my eyes. Now that I have an awesome spanky desktop it's actually a lot easier. I don't wanna be one of those people who have never even tried to build something before. Sooooo...

Ta Da! Fountain!

This is the main center piece of the garden I'm building for the back of the house. This is a pic before I started laying down the flower beds, which are all ready now for flowers. I even found scripts to make it run water. Probably easy as pie to any normal builder but I'm pretty damned chuffed with the stuff I created yesterday. The garden ties in nicely with the path Tel has build round the house and our little land is starting to look like a home again. 

It wasn't all work yesterday. I did take a moment to visit the new store for A:S:S and pick up a free t-shirt as well as some new leather pants.

I also invited my friend Cassandra to see the house and to meet Tel. Cassandra had a break from SL for a couple of months which I think was a very wise decision of her. Now she's trying to find her way again round her inventory again which caused much humour for Tel and I last night. And pointing out her ghetto butt but she likes to be bootylicious.  

Lol! Now I want to play this tonight! My DJ sets at Spankies have been moved from Sundays to Mondays now. Here's hoping they go well.

Ta ta for now :>

Thursday, 24 February 2011

Where's the week gone?! D:

RL has got me pretty drained at the moment. First emotionally and now physically. I'm feeling a lot more positive about things which is good and some exciting news may be coming my way soon.

I don't want to post up any pictures before he does but Tel and I are redesigning the whole homestead to go with the new amazing house he has built us over the last few days. I've only ever lived in small modern or grungy houses in my SL time so to live in a big southern manor is something quite different. I'm looking forward to having a chance on putting my own little creative  flair onto the sim and try my hand at a little landscaping. The only chance I've had to do that was when I shared a piece of land with Tux. He left the whole parcel for me to re decorate and I made a sort of beach bum hide away for us and our friends. Surprise surprise we split up just as I finish the parcel but we're still good friends so no hard feelings.

Anyway, I'm sure there will be pictures a plenty once we really get started. RL is taking up a lot of our time recently but hopefully we'll get a chance to really work on it soon!

Finally going out drinking and dancing for the first time in ages. This will be me tomorrow night! Have a good weekend everyone! :D

Saturday, 19 February 2011

It's going to be OK.

Whenever things seem to get on top of me (and not in a good way) this episode of Scrubs ALWAYS seems to find me. Yesterday I woke up from a nap to see it had found me again. Deep down you know it's going to be OK  but you need that little bit of reassurance to hang in there.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Valentines and all that mushy stuff.

Real life has gotten a little stressful recently. I'm really happy I have a calm and caring Second Life to balance it out. Of course I've got Tel to thank mostly for that and feel lucky that I not only have him as virtual partner but as a good friend too. 

Yesterday being Valentines day I didn't actually do much. It was also our flat mate Livvy's birthday and spent to majority of my day helping make a cake. I feel kinda bad though as it's just sitting there going mouldy because, while I'm sure Livvy really loved the cake, she's not much of an eater. Plus it's so rich we could all only muster a small slice each before going into sugar comas. We made it look like Linus from because she's a big fan of the squishy cat face.

After that and a lil work, a few bad cartoons, working on MY bad cartoon and watching some youtube vids I was able to spend a lil time on SL. I went to the Whinery which is slowly trying to build up it's week day activities again. They now have their usual awesome DJ Joel on Sundays and plus the Match Game on Saturdays. It's a shame because it's a nice lil venue which really should be used more. Shadow asked if I wanted to sing again (which I've only done once) and I'm considering it. Depending if I can buy a new microphone and get the set up working on my computer. 

I was happy to get a lil bit of time with my own Valentine. We sat on the grass and he gave me a card, opening present with music and a wonderful necklace. 

I actually wasn't expecting anything but blame that on past bad Valentine days. Because it was very late for me and he had had a long day at work we cuddled on the old rug until he (literally) feel asleep in my arms. He's so cute when he's sleeping and less smartass remarks :P Love you babes! I still feel pretty special to have him in my life. I know I've made plenty of mushy posts about him before but seeing as it's a Valentines day post I'm allowed to. Though things are a little scary and stressful at the moment he makes it all that much easier and that's the best present I could ever want.

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Back to Korea and more hunt stuff.

I found myself visiting the welcome area I first rezzed in and where I spent the majority of my first year in Second Life. It's good to see that there are still some familiar faces that hang around there and there's always the occasional troll or griefer to make things a little interesting. Though it can get very dull very quickly when it's the same old conversation of religion, sex, war blah blah blah.

Oh a giant cock..I must be in Korea.

Entertaining highlights were two guys singing on guitar on how I'm such a queer, how I play with myself and wear my mother's clothing. Someone asked about Dead Chuffed which gave me the perfect opportunity to shamelessly promote mine and Tel's store in local chat. I got a couple of sales outta that and sales are starting to pick up again which is nice. Though I really need to get some more items made up. Ended up dancing in a big circle with a group of people to some bad gestures while I was told by a guy not to go near a Brazilian woman in the fear of catching the aids. Yes, it's not the most PC of places...but welcome to SL Welcome Areas!

Now onto hunt stuff. Still missing a few but I'm up to the 100 mark now. Some really nice stuff but I think from now on I should just miss the shape stores all together. Why they ALL make me look like a knuckle dragger I don't know. 

Ooh looking insanely young in this hair from Birth (# 69). But it is cute and comes in 4 different dark blonds which is nice from all the black and brown hair that usually comes in a hunt. The t-shirt and jeans are from EVOKE (# 82) which I think would probably be the favourite for those who don't really do fashion in SL but still wanna look good. It's simple but very well made so I like this outfit.

Another great full outfit is this one from H.I.M Fashion (# 87) which comes 2 t-shirts with long sleeves, jeans, prim sleeves and cuffs and black and brown hair in a beanie. Such a generous outfit for a hunt. 

Normally what I find with sweaters with prim bottoms is that they don't look quite right because there's a big dip in the torso area. This chunky knit sweater from [hate this] (#91) comes with a prim that covers that area to make it look more realistic. I still think most of these designers had their stuff at christmas or are just using left over stuff from the winter season as there seems to be a silly amount of jumpers and sweaters.

Rather cute mustard sweater and pink shirt from Young Urban (#96) The wine glass and pose is part of the Glitterati Gay Poses hunt prize (#86). Also gives you a chance to gander at my engagement ring *waggles fingers and grins* 

Why..yes...Yes I am. T-shirt and duct tape from Damage (#100) which also comes with a bunch of other stuff like eyes, tattoo and a fun face light.

This is my favourite unsumble of the night. I've never really been much of hats without hair but I really like this fedora from [KUSTOM] (#75). Top from Gentleman Store (# 80) and glasses from Kumaki Glasses Style (# 85) all topped off with another Glitterati Gay pose and a hipster sneer. *sigh* this hunt is so mainstream!

Going back to the hair from Birth I picked up the most awesome red demon skin as a free group gift. I don't really have any other skins besides my usual one and the odd one that doesn't quite look right on my shape. I was so happy when I saw that this skin also goes great with my shape. Now hopefully I can pull off sexy demon. Hhmm I'm tempted to look for a new skin now that's a little more....rough.

The gift comes with skin, eyes, wings and this awesome fire emitter.

Face piercing is another hunt gift from ::MORTALITY:: (# 71)

Oh yeah...that's pretty damn sexy! I'm getting pretty good at looking hot without spending a penny ;D

Friday, 11 February 2011

Wednesday, 9 February 2011

A few my minds.

Oh little hunt still. you're mine now!

First off a couple of hunt stuff. I've kinda gave up looking for ALL the items now and am just sticking to hopping to each store and if I like the look of the stuff I'll spare the effort. Seems far enough. I'm up to about 50 or odd now with missing about 6 or 7 I think. I was excited to see Lazybum in the hunt as I do like their shorts.

So like I said before, swim shorts and tank from [Lazybum] (# 33). boots from Deco (# 30) and pipe from sur+ (# 35). The picture below is pretty much the same stuff but with a tank and pants (including bulge) from Kobalt (# 32) 

This is only what I've take pictures off so far and hopefully will have a chance to do some more hunting. RL is starting to get busy with uni work again and I mostly want to spend my SL time with Tel.

SL relationships was another thing I wanted to talk about. Valentines drawing near and I'm currently wanting to watch 'When Strangers Click' (and oh dear I've only just gotten the double meaning to that title *facepalms*), which is a new documentary about romance over the internet that will be airing on HBO on valentines day. Of course I'm not an American citizen so will have to find another way of watching. 5 people and/or couples are interviewed about their stories and of course there is one about SL. Though from the interview the director and the guy in the film did with Paisley Beebe (Which you can watch Heeerree) I wasn't fully sure if it was a SL/RL relationship this guy and his lady had or just SL. If so I'm interested to see how it is portrayed and how it's received. I've had my share of SL relationships in the past, some turning more real then they really should have while some with people who already had partners in their RL. Currently dating Tel is probably the best it has got and I'm not saying that because we're "oh so wonderfully in love" lol. Some have been selfish with their time and affection, some have been too demanding for my time and erm.. stamina while some were very rarely online. Tel and I seem to have effortlessly worked out a system that works for both of us, probably from a deeper understanding of each other and learning from past relationships. Which has really helped us feel a very rich love for each other inworld and a deep friendship in RL. I can't thank him enough for the love and understanding he's given me over recent RL happenings which are not really for this blog. What does always amaze me is that his RL bf knows and even reads THIS blog (Hi boyfriend-in-law *waves*). As far as I've known only RL couples who both venture in SL can have that kinda understanding. It's not the easiest of things to explain to people in the real world. But he has ventured into SL way before he started his RL relationship with Tel so has an understanding for how it works. Though I've only talked to him through Tel I have a great lot of respect and admiration for him and thank him immensely for making Tel very happy in the real world. :)

My RL boyfriend, however, DOESN'T know, much like a lot of real life partners don't. I have told a couple of close real life friends and while some accept it as fantasy and roleplay (which it isn't really but makes it easier to get an idea of it) some have labelled it pretty much as cheating. I've just never thought of it that way. Those who start using skype, web camming for eachother and meeting in real life for a date and even more.... Yes! I count that as cheating. My bf doesn't LIKE SL let alone want to understand it. He has a complete ignorance about the whole internet thinking it's for sad, poor losers who want attention. Though he seems pretty happy to socialize on his poker and football forum sites. *sighs* So I don't tell him about Tel. Not through lying or hiding it just makes for an easier, happier life for all of us. How do you explain the complex relationship of SL to a guy who doesn't even understand and even refuses to accept the appeal of Facebook?

But back to the documentary. It seem interesting. Love over the internet has always heavily interested me since I started researching about internet alter egos back in 2008. And from a director who original had no idea about this to begin with it'll be interesting to see how it goes. Information about it can be found HERE and be sure to watch the 4th clip because that's the SL one with a lil bit of animation fail. lol!

As I said before Valentines day is coming up and out of all the holidays THIS is the one I hate. I can only see this holiday working for new young lovers who have never had a Valentines before and, of course, businesses. Could it be because I've never had a good one? Yes! Most likely. But I hate the way it pushes loneliness on the single and pressure on the couples who are quite happy to show their love in their own way whenever they want! Plus all the hearts and tacky cards and present *gags a lil*. Thanks but no thanks! 

I've been currently going for a more adult/ smart casual look as of recent. I'm sort of on that weird cusp that I'm getting too tall and buff to be considered a usual SL twink but my skin if very young and I'm still insanely smaller then most male avies. I invited a friend to Spankies about a week back while I was DJing and he commented how I was the only one there that "just" looked 18. I've always considered myself as about 20. But I'm very much a babydoll as Tel calls me and though only being 5'8" in RL I was that from an early age making me taller then the rest of the kids at school. Plus being the tallest in my flat I kinda like the idea of being smallish and babydoll looking. I felt very small (pixelly not mentally) at one club we went to yesterday. I'm 7'0" in SL for christ sake! Though that means very little in SL terms as Derren is towered over by 8'2" Manny. Though Manny is tall compared to most avies. Oh I'll never get it right hehehe!

Oh well. I like my shape and being slightly different from the tiny twinkies and the tan beefcakes. I found a picture on /cm/ while lurking on 4Chan that, in my mind, reminds me of Derren. I also wish I had the outfit. Maybe I could make it sometimes...maybe..most likely not. lol

And speaking of feeling small...

Holy crap! Big chipmunk! D:

That's it for my ramberlings...more to come soon I'm sure :>

Sunday, 6 February 2011

Friday, 4 February 2011

More Hunting.

Little bit more hunting before I go off into the real world. I got stuck at number 19 because the cheeky bastard hasn't given a hint. I don't think I'm missing out on much though.

Best things I found so far...

Skin from Egoisme (#14) and you get quite a few of them too from bald to hair base, clean shaven to differny goatees and clean to body hair. The eyes came in the prize too. Added with the shape from NOVUS Studios (#16) I think they work well together. Both of them were sure a bitch to find! Outfit from OKEY Designs (#17) and the Burt Reynolds like pose from Pics n Poses (#13). Kinda missed being a big buff guy for a moment but quickly got back into my skinny ass shape lol. Also another cool thing I found today.


Wonder if this would go with the beach d├ęcor of the homestead. :D Wouldn't mind seeing Tel bent over a throne ;)

Thursday, 3 February 2011

A start to the hunt.

With the essay finally over *phew* I've decided to let my brain relax for a few days before I get on with any other university work. Plus there was a hunt to be getting on with. I got my first finds for the Menstuff hunt which is proving to be pretty easy in some places and stupidly hard in others lol.

Usually when I hunt I make a hunting friend or hunting foe. A friend is usually someone who you help and helps you. A foe is usually someone who either stalks you to find the item, keeps trying to race you to find the item or accuses you of following them. Most of the time though I think the foes are just in my head to make the hunt a little more exciting (oh dear, I really am sad) For my first few items I made a hunting friend called Fernando. Looking like something from Jersey Shores he was actually a pretty decent hunter and found the majority of the ones we looked for. But hunting friendship is fleeting and we parted ways soon after number 11.

Oh hunting buddy. Parting was such sweet sorrow.

Didn't really get a chance to look at the items until yesterday. Pfft, I've got Tel to look at and he's way more interesting. Though while he was photo shopping some textures from his latest build I finally took a look at the goodies I had found so far. The quality is not too bad so far. Not sure no the big pink outfit from ~subVision~ (#9) but I did get some nice shirts from their MM board while I was there. Some shoes, some t-shirt/jeans outfits and some poses. One thing I don't like about being a small, or more correctly a naturally sized, avatar is men's stuff is usually too big for me. Sometimes things won't rezise small enough like belts and such. Same with this bulge that came with the HardWear (#10) though I was able to resize it to a more suitable package size. But look how it first rezzed!

The pearl thong from Vitamen (#6) looks really sexy too but my small hips just don't fit it  :( My favourite stuff so far has to be the Skunk Mohawk from KMadd (#1) The really nice white flowing silks from Animations Rising (#3) and the Bubble Pipe from Adjunct (#11).

I'm actually finding it much more relaxing to be naked most of the time. Which is strange because I'm not the nudest kinda person. Just on the homestead of course. Don't think I would be welcomed back to many stores  if I tried hunting naked. XD