Saturday, 30 October 2010

Isle of Tidra - Background Story.

Because it won't fit all in my picks here's the full story.

The sun was on the verge of rising when Derren finally left the bar. It had been another busy Saturday night and the once busy streets were now empty and quiet. Taking the same route home he noticed a bright piercing light through the allyways. Looming on the brick walls stood figures far too big to be human. Before he even had time to focus, they attacked...

There was nothing but darkness.

He woke to the strange low humm of machinary. He had been stripped naked and placed in steel prison. He banged loudly on the captive walls, agreesively demanding his release.  So preoccupied he didn't notice the other boy sharing the cell with him, shaking in the corner of the prison. Derren's demands were met with an agreesive beating from the massive wolf like captives and a frightening new reality.

This was their fate and their fate was to become slaves.

With only the two of them for company they formed a strong bond and vowed to help each other. Through the grueling slave training, the cold, sleepless nights and, most importantly, their escape.

It would seem luck was shining upon them. An engine had blown on the ship, sending it crashing into the open sea. The boys were able to escape through a hole that was caused by the explosion and jumped into the great blue ocean and to freedom. At least they thought.

Exhausted from swimming they finally reach land and collapse on the soft golden sand. The lush green island make him wonder if he was still on Earth. Thinking they had escaped their slavery they did not realise what the future on the island had in for them.

Friday, 29 October 2010

It's a planet!?!

Franzi was nice enough to spend some time telling me about the history of Gor. To be honest I was hesitant about joining. When reading up on life in Second Life for my essay two years ago there was some stuff about Gor. All overly muscular men seeking newb women to be sex slaves in a medieval bdsm fantasy roleplay. Guuh. Sounded like a bunch of dickheads. One "Master" even told the writer of the book (who was at this time in a new female alt) that Gor was what all SL was about and that women had to serve men.

Lucky for me I have someone wise in the way of Gor guiding me through this strange new world I some how got involved in.

Since my breakup with my last SL boyfriend my confidence has been pretty low. He did make me FEEL pretty low as it was. I'm lucky I had PJ by my side to help me through such a difficult time. But it's lead me to seek something different then a normal second life partnership. To be honest I'd had enough. You treat someone with a great amount of love and understanding to have it shoved back in your face. This has left me a little cold inside when it comes to seeing someone as "more then a friend." Having someone close to you that you call your lover or family has become hard for me now. This last year of having my heart stamped on twice has a way of having negative events on a person. Like many have said to me, real emotion goes into this game and some seem to so simply disregard that as if you are nothing.

Hence, why I become a slave. Don't get me wrong I didn't do it because I hate myself and want to be punished or some crap. I became a slave to get my little jollies, have a little attention lavished on me for an hour or so then I can get back to my own business. I'm not gonna lie. I like sex in second life. When done properly it's fun. If people can't understand that then what's the point in their fun in second life? Why do people build or grief or shop or roleplay? Oh yeah that's right...cos they can't do it in real life. I'm a perv and I want to do fantasies I can't do in real life. Simple as that.

So back to Gor. Gor isn't all about what I've read or heard. Sure it's got sex, slaves and masters and all that jazz but when done properly there's a lot more to it. Or so I'm told. When I finally get into my role as a slave I will have a few tasks that I will need to address other then sex and pleasing my Masters. Which makes me pretty interested in starting the rp. And with such great owners who have helped me a lot I can forget my previous idea that all Gor Masters are douchebags.

The sim is not quite ready yet. There's still a lot of building to go. After talking with Tel I want to help but I think the best thing for me to do is just stay out of the way.

Thursday, 28 October 2010

Rez rez rez...

Should I explain how I came about in Second Life? I started on a quest to complete a 6000 word essay for my foundation art. Now, over 2 years later, I'm still here. Due to drama and purely just wanting a change I became Derren a week before my rl 25th birthday. You can see that both my first and now primary avatars are very different from eachother.

Having a much smaller avatar besides from big beefy Manny has led me to all new situations. Probably some I'm a lot more comfortable with then what I was involved with with Manny. Some I am waaaaaaay not comfortable with. Normally in the child sex area. I was suprised at first to see how much of it there was, especially in a few gay sims I have been too. Some just rreeeaaaallly pushing the boader on what can push as an 18 year old avatar. When I bought my shape from Zanzo (great store by the way) I was meant to look 24....hmm...I looked about 17 in my eyes. So I made myself taller and buffed out a little until I was happy that I looked like a young adult. I'm not completely ignorant. I KNOW some child avatars are not used to roleplay tea parties. And to be honest if a person has that sexual attraction then isn't it better they get their kicks in a virtual world with another grown adult then doing in real life to a REAL child. In a way yes and no. Who knows if the other child avatar JUST wants to roleplay mummies and daddies and doesn't want to get involved with touchy Uncle Pedo. This has recently happen to a friend of mine she could sense the situation straight away and left the roleplay, even if left a little shaken.

I don't know how I got onto a rant about child avies. I guess I know a few who DO find child avatars attractive or have a child avatar in hopes of some under age sexy times but claiming to be just very young 18 year olds. In that case they play a very dangerous game.

Just to state I don't hate child avatars...I have one myself and I'm a right little brat :P