Monday, 27 June 2011

I has a MEEROO!

Yesterday was Tel and I's one month anniversary since we got married. No threats of divorce yet..well..maybe a couple. :P

Tel surprised me yesterday with something I thought I'd never have. A MEEROO! We don't have many prims left on the homestead what with Tel's builds and our new renter Ashe living in a skybox somewhere in the sky. But he cleared up a few spare prims and bought me a little meeroo of my own.

It took coaxing and then finally finding out we needed to buy a home tree stump so the little bugger would come out.

Alayni joined us at the birth as she showed us where to buy the stump and some berries.

Come on out lil meeroo!

Yay! There he is! I named him Kerry after someone special :)

I don't understand this glowing shit they do when you pet them.


He took a liking to his other daddy :)

And now all it seems to do is sleep.

I had problems with the hud yesterday. It kept spewing out spam when I wanted to see my meeroo before I went to bed. Things seem to be ok now but I kinda wish it would wake up :/

Friday, 24 June 2011

Dead Chuffed Blog and Flickr

Now that I'm starting to get my business up and running it's time to get that internet presence on the go. So I present to you *drum roll*


Along with that will be a Flickr account to post up recent products and also hopefully see what people are creating with my poses. Should be interesting and can be found here 

I went shopping for my first store but and wondering whether it is worth just saving up a bit a getting my own parcel to build a store instead of getting a spot in a mall. Would rather start with a mainstore first and see where things go from there. Still shopping though.

Thursday, 23 June 2011

*BRAND NEW* Gay Couples Poses

New to *DEAD CHUFFED*! 7 romantic, intimate and sexy male/male poses. All can be purchased on the Marketplace Store and cost L$40 each.

Monday, 20 June 2011

Little Studio

I made myself a little studio yesterday to take pictures in and work on poses. Sorry for the nudity.

But to be honest since I've made it I've got a little photographers block. I have 7 new male/male couple poses to take pictures of and I just can't seem to get the pictures I want. I've been using Manny as my other model as Tel is busy at the moment with his own work, SL and RL.

Here's a little preview of some of the poses I've made so far with photos I'm not too happy with. Also you get to see Manny whoring himself around.

I want to get these on sale by tomorrow, if not tonight. As I said before I want to make a good bundle of these before I think about opening an inworld store.

Friday, 17 June 2011

First Couple Pose!

I sure have been a busy bee. *Dead Chuffed* now has its very first couples pose. It's a simple leaping onto someone's back called 'GLOMP!' On sale now for L$30!

More couples poses will be coming soon. Once I have a good bulk of products I'll be opening up my own store. Both Tel and I are in the process of finding a good spot(s) to start up the business. If anyone knows of anywhere good then please let me know in IM. Additionally if there is any couples or more poses you would like to see then also let me know and I'll make it up for you :D

Looks like I'm gonna fulfill that promise I made to myself at the beginning of the year after all :)

Tel plays with my balls

Look, I'm learning to make couples poses. There's going to be many more pose ball innuendos coming!

So I had a go with Firestorm. Can't say I was too impressed as it was crashy as hell. True, it's only a beta but I must of crashed a good 5 times in the space of an hour. It didn't like me putting up to high graphics (Tel also had this problem and his comp is a beast!). I liked the idea of the inbuilt AO system and the much more customizable interface but that's no use to me if I keep crashing all the time and it takes forever for me to log back in. But they're all bugs that need tweeking when it comes to beta testing.

One thing it did do (while I was trying to upload animations) was got me stuck with my eyes closed. Only a relog could sort it out :O

I have an induction to my new RL job tomorrow. Well...I HOPE it's my new job. I had an interview last Sunday to work in the big cinema near where I live. the interview didn't last very long as I'm not sure if I sounded like a bit of a dick through most of it. But the girl said to come back on Saturday for an induction with all my account details, passport, National insurance number extra and that they'd like me on board as a full time employee. So while nothing is in writing I'm guessing I got the job!
This does mean however my SL might change somewhat. I'm not completely sure if it will only change a little or a lot if any at all. Tel and I will have to work on a new schedule for seeing each other as he works very long hours on the 4 days he works. And when he does get home we're both tired because he's worked all day and it's 3am for me. *Sigh* Damn you timezones! It might also effect my dancing times. But as working in a cinema I'm guessing most of my hours will be quite late. At least I'm hoping anyway. Won't know till tomorrow!

On another note the "Happy Leo Strut" pose hasn't even been up for 24hours and has already been bought 10 times. People sure like their freebies! I did however sell some other products so it's working as a part of promotion!

Thursday, 16 June 2011

More poses for sale!

As well as the new marketplace store I've also made an update to *Dead Chuffed*. I think I'll start turning the place into a pose store then a makeup store as I seem to have more fun with static poses. Sneaking my way into small animations. We'll see. I'm glad I'm using my free time productively though.

First we have a cute little set of spring/summer poses that can be used in the many sunny sims throughout SL. Priced at L$50 for 6 poses.

I've also made a small freebie for my store to hopefully get more people finding it. Made a happy Leo pose for all your strutting needs. Might make a sad Keanu one to go with it.

A little bit of promotion now for Club Industry. They are holding two events, one tomorrow and one next Wednesday. The first one being 'Lets Get Nuclear!' which is sponsored by +DV8+ who will be providing 1st, 2nd and 3rd price for best in cyber goth/ cyber punk. Set by DJ Daemon and will run between 7pm-10pm SLT 17th of June! 

On Wednesday 22nd of June there will be an 80's night sponsored by Beauty Killer who will also be providing 1st, 2nd and 3rd price for best in 80's outfit. RL work permitting, I should be a dancer for this shift so get your butts down there! Between 4pm-7pm SLT with the awesome DJ Lainey on the decks. 

*Scuttles off to make more poses*

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

A Journey into the Metaverse

I wanted to share this gem. The Winner of MachinimaUWA 3. Questioning the line between reality and virtual reality and also taking on the Sanskrit meaning of Avatar, meaning spiritual quest. Truely breath taking and shows that machinima can be used to make some very cinematic.

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

The Macarthur Store

Tel and I have toyed with the idea of selling the small things we have made but that don't really fit in with either of our stores. Seeing as I have some free time before I start full time employment I got round to setting up a Market Place store for both of us, simply called The Macarthur Store. Here we'll be selling furniture, decor and small nik naks that we've made and felt like selling to help raise funds for the homestead. I've already added a couple of my items including the lily vases I made for the wedding. So please, have a looksee :D

The Macarthur Store

Sunday, 12 June 2011

New Skin

Good things happened in RL today so decided to celebrate with a new skin. Got it from the after seeing some of their skins on the (ir)regular guy blog. It's a very close to my last skin tone (I know this cos I tested it with my prim neener and I didn't have to change the color :P ) and it's a lot more detailed then my last a little buffer :>

I've also had a little play with shadows after seeing Tel's efforts with the house snapshots. I can't have my graphics up that high all the time as my graphics card can't handle it. 

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

Hunty McHuntington

So now I can start the Menstuff hunt. I wanted to complete the Black Butler hunt but there's only so many dresses I can have in my inventory.

And yes, I do realise I'm a pretty princess.

Seems the hunt items are pretty nice this year. I've got up to #16 and I don't think there's any I want to trash so far. Well besides one shape but that's only because most of the time they are pretty weird looking.

 Of course is Kmadd (#1) where the hunt usually starts. I usually find they give one really nice hair and then a really cruddy one or two that no-one would buy anyway. But both prizes are really nice examples of  Kmadd hair.

 Preppy V-neck from Alphamale (#2). Really like the style of the prim collar.

Animation Rising (#4) Comes with it's usual very awesome silks.

Maverick Designs (#6) with their 'Riot' shape. Doesn't look like he's having much of a riot :|

Face tattoo from JeSyLiLO (#11) T-shirt and trousers from Leather Bound (#5) duffle bag from *FIF & MNA* (#7) and Hi-Tops from Adjunt (#8)

Hhmm now this I quite like! Outfit from StarChild Designs (#13), hair base from Jaryth's Barber Shop (#12)

Better view of the hair base with hair from Jaryth's Barber Shop. Comes in 7 different colors but I think it looks really cool in Silver. Shirt from Shiki Designs (#14) and yes, that is a cat in my swimwear lol. From VITAMEN (#15) which also comes with water wings and a rubber ring lol.

Last on the hunt so far is this casual outfit from Mohna Lisa Couture (#16) It's alright but I don't get out the cuff on the trousers work :/

That's it for my hunting so far. More to come. When I logged on yesterday I had an im from a customer asking if I made my face tattoos pre viewer 2. This would include putting textures on prims and moulding them to fit that face. Something I can't be arsed to do. So I replied to him letting him know. I took a peek at his profile (like I do cos I'm a nosy bugger) and saw quite a heart felt description of someone he had obviously lost recently. Whether it be his lover, partner, slave, mistress..whatever. You could definitely see his hurt though I wasn't sure if they had just split or something worse had happen to this lass. Either way, I think it must of been the booze in my system (I got a surprise visit from some out of town friends in RL) that made me feel really sorry for the guy. He had really took the time to fill in his profile and at least max out all his Pick space just to talk about how much he hurt. how much he missed this person and regretted things he'd never done. Not sure why I mentioned it in this post. It's just a constant reminder that a lot of people really feel in this so called 'game'. 


Sunday, 5 June 2011

Bryn Oh and The Black Butler hunt

I noticed that Bryn Oh's new sim had been open for awhile now but decided to keep it as a plan B if Tel and I were ever caught at a loose end or weren't quite sure what to do with our time together. Bryn's last sim was one of the first, if you like, "date" that Tel and I went on back in November. Was nice to see her work continue as well it being a week since we got married.

Those who are a first to Bryn's work you are in for a pleasant surprise as you follow the trail that tells a tale in poetry form. This story titled 'Anna's Many Murders' tell's the story of a young girls decent into madness.

A giant fox just outside where the story begins

Ohh...poor Timmy :|

I love the tiny, delicate details that can be found everywhere.

Lots of corridors that can prove to be not cam friendly

Using textures to produces shadows was just beautiful.

Tiny little cricket that played the violin.

And then an amazing light...from a rabbits bum :|

Tel looking all smexy in the specially instructed light settings.

The sim has been open since the beginning of May but I think there is still plenty of time to go check it out. So...GO CHECK IT OUT!

With a little more time on my hands after uni finishied it seemed like a perfect time to get some hunts under my belt. The Menstuff hunt only started this Friday but I already know it was going to be busy as hell. I tried to get to the first starting point and found the sim was already full. So decided to give it a few days and content myself with the Black Butler Hunt instead. 

Black Butler, also known as Kuroshitsuji, is one of my favourite animes and I MIGHT of had a little fangasm when I found out there was a hunt based on it. This would most certainly tide me over until the Menstuff hunt had quieten down a bit. Because it has only just started the is a couple of places that either don't have their hunt prize out or are just impossible to find. Here's what I was able to get so far.

 Your starting point. You'll find a teleport point behind the hunt sign.

The teleport point will take you up to a sky platform with lots of Phantomhive Bunnies.

One of these bunnies is your starting point so have a look.

I thought the hunt was getting quite easy...until I came into this! O_O

Chilling with some bunnies :3

So glad that one of the stores gave you a cuddling version of the Phantomhive bunny :>

Yeah! Starting to look like a boss now!

I got about half way till I decided to unpack and see what I had found. I'm a pretty Victorian princess :3

Time for naked tea?

Full suit and a tea tray

Awesome love seat with many different poses.

Another cuddly bunny! But don't trust this one!

I regret nothing!

...besides from clicking the rabbit....ow...

This seat was actually part of the Zombie Porncorn hunt..but thought I would take a pic with it anyway.

Ok so expect lots of hunt pics in my next couple of entries. I leave off with the 2nd ending song from Black Butler as it's my favourite. Lacrimosa by Kalafina.