Friday, 17 December 2010

The most random sim in the world.

I'm back at my dad's house now for the holiday season. I thought I was cold before well I'm REALLY cold now. My dad is tight with the heating and will only have it running for two hours in the morning and about 4 hours at night and this is only at the bare minimum. He also has a gas heater which is only situated in the room he is in. So while I'm sat here shivering in the living room, he's got a nice heated kitchen (He works in the kitchen, why? Because his office is filled with crap he refuses to clean up!). Now I think I've got a little head cold from sleeping in freezing cold room. Mustn't grumble though. I'm having Gypsy tart for breakfast *nahm nahm nahm*

I continued on my christmas shopping last night and ended up...probably on the most random sim I've been on....EVER. It was called ELEMENT and it had EVERYTHING...and I mean EVERYTHING...besides stores, which is what I was looking for! There was a haunted house including haunted forest and camp site. Stage and performance area, Bordello, Alice in wonderland area, ballroom, superman's ice castle thing, Mermaid island, Starbucks, Charlie Brown...EVERYTHING!!! And everything pretty much had sex pose balls in them. The haunted forest alone was insanely kinky. Now I thought I was pretty adventurous in the sex area but I'm not too comfortable with Jason or Chuckie watching me while I do the dirty. Sey joined me after telling him about it. Here's some pics that I got of this strange place.

*Nahm Nahm Nahm*

Uuurhhhh...I don't like it D:

Hey there hot stuff, fancy jumping on some pose balls?

You're just in time for TEA!!

I wish I had three other people to get a pic with.

"Hey Santa! Gimme presents!"

He found out I had been a bad boy and got a spanking ;_;

Alright darlin'! Want some of my Starbucks?

This made me laugh for a good 10 minutes. I hate twilight but Jacob looks so chilled. He's like "Vampire lols"

"They're Heeeerrreeeeee"

Skeleton rape! D:

Romantic! *thumbs up*

I'm just gonna leave this here to end off with. No-ones fault and I hope he feels better soon....I just miss him.


  1. *waves a bit disconcertedly from fubar connection land.* You have to take me to that sim sometime. I've been once, but crashed, and didn't get to look around much. Hope to see you after work this evening, if not before. I "think" I've got the connectivity issue cleared up. *crosses fingers*
    (teehee.... the code word is SithRub)

  2. You might not babes :( As I'm back home I spend the weekend with the RL. Will hopefully catch you sometime this weekend though. xx