Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Girly Boots

This is the only night this week I can wait up for Tel so decided to take a chance and see if he'll log on. I'd been on the look out for a new pair of boots for the more wintery sims. I'm currently freezing my bollocks off in RL so I could atleast keep my avie warm. But it seemed all the boots out there were too blocky or bulky for my avie to pull off, too expensive or just weren't to my taste. I was on the look out for Christmas presents when this full oufit popped up.

Though it's a girl's outfit I really liked the boots. Plus with a lot of extras you get with it, it was worth buying just to see what would work on a male avie. Well the boots fitted really well but not completely sure if they make my feet look too small. The chapka looks really nice and fitted well over some KMADD hair I had. The shorts didn't look too bad and come with a cute little sligshot. The googles fitted great but I decided to move them down to around my neck. The only thing that looked wrong was the jumper and jacket. The jumper made me look like I have saggy pecks and the jacket just didn't fit.  But for a nice pair of boots, hat, frosty breath, goggles and some gloves L$290 isn't something to sniff at. Very little adjusting and it's ready to go.

The icy breath is a nice touch too. I can see what I actually feel. Fucking freezing! Onwards with the Christmas shopping.

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