Thursday, 3 February 2011

A start to the hunt.

With the essay finally over *phew* I've decided to let my brain relax for a few days before I get on with any other university work. Plus there was a hunt to be getting on with. I got my first finds for the Menstuff hunt which is proving to be pretty easy in some places and stupidly hard in others lol.

Usually when I hunt I make a hunting friend or hunting foe. A friend is usually someone who you help and helps you. A foe is usually someone who either stalks you to find the item, keeps trying to race you to find the item or accuses you of following them. Most of the time though I think the foes are just in my head to make the hunt a little more exciting (oh dear, I really am sad) For my first few items I made a hunting friend called Fernando. Looking like something from Jersey Shores he was actually a pretty decent hunter and found the majority of the ones we looked for. But hunting friendship is fleeting and we parted ways soon after number 11.

Oh hunting buddy. Parting was such sweet sorrow.

Didn't really get a chance to look at the items until yesterday. Pfft, I've got Tel to look at and he's way more interesting. Though while he was photo shopping some textures from his latest build I finally took a look at the goodies I had found so far. The quality is not too bad so far. Not sure no the big pink outfit from ~subVision~ (#9) but I did get some nice shirts from their MM board while I was there. Some shoes, some t-shirt/jeans outfits and some poses. One thing I don't like about being a small, or more correctly a naturally sized, avatar is men's stuff is usually too big for me. Sometimes things won't rezise small enough like belts and such. Same with this bulge that came with the HardWear (#10) though I was able to resize it to a more suitable package size. But look how it first rezzed!

The pearl thong from Vitamen (#6) looks really sexy too but my small hips just don't fit it  :( My favourite stuff so far has to be the Skunk Mohawk from KMadd (#1) The really nice white flowing silks from Animations Rising (#3) and the Bubble Pipe from Adjunct (#11).

I'm actually finding it much more relaxing to be naked most of the time. Which is strange because I'm not the nudest kinda person. Just on the homestead of course. Don't think I would be welcomed back to many stores  if I tried hunting naked. XD

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  1. Depends on what you're hunting, tramp! *grins*... Yeah, bein' nekkie can be a good thing. *grins again*