Friday, 8 April 2011


You might still see me popping onto SL from time to time but don't take offence if I don't respond to any ims.

A couple of weeks ago my RL partner of 7 years and I decided to end our relationship. Due to situations in my life we just drifted apart and our views on the future were very different from each others. It made me feel incredible shit and selfish but I've tried best to keep strong over these last couple of weeks. I think it was only recently when I had to refer to him as "my ex boyfriend" that it really sunk in and I spent most of this week crying and crawling under my covers never wanting to come out. I feel like I've lost my best friend and I'm finding it hard not communicating with him. But I thought it best to give it time.

This hasn't changed anything between me and Tel. Tel is still very much *just* Derren's partner and his RL self has been very supportive to my RL self. This is why however I decided to not venture so much into SL after the split. I didn't want to become wrapped up in a fantasy world when I needed to face the troubles of my RL and mourn for the lost of someone who was pretty much my world once upon a time.

It's hard to explain the main reasons without going too much into my personal life which I'd rather not. Some of you know, some of you might have told others. I'm sure there is plenty about your RLs that you don't want people knowing and this is one of those things I'd rather keep private. This is a SL blog about SL stuff and I sometimes dip into my RL like explaining why I've been so distant. In any case I am still mourning but trying to push on and keep motivated to I can carry on with my work. I still need time to heal though and I'm hoping someday we can still be friends.

Not only that but all this crying has given me a cold >:/ Usually when I get myself stressed and worked up I come down with a cold or flu. Heh. Not my week, huh? Things will get better with time. I still have friends and I still have family. I just hope he's ok and that one day we will come to agreement that this was for the best.

In other news HURP DEE DERP!

Best wishes all :)