Friday, 17 June 2011

Tel plays with my balls

Look, I'm learning to make couples poses. There's going to be many more pose ball innuendos coming!

So I had a go with Firestorm. Can't say I was too impressed as it was crashy as hell. True, it's only a beta but I must of crashed a good 5 times in the space of an hour. It didn't like me putting up to high graphics (Tel also had this problem and his comp is a beast!). I liked the idea of the inbuilt AO system and the much more customizable interface but that's no use to me if I keep crashing all the time and it takes forever for me to log back in. But they're all bugs that need tweeking when it comes to beta testing.

One thing it did do (while I was trying to upload animations) was got me stuck with my eyes closed. Only a relog could sort it out :O

I have an induction to my new RL job tomorrow. Well...I HOPE it's my new job. I had an interview last Sunday to work in the big cinema near where I live. the interview didn't last very long as I'm not sure if I sounded like a bit of a dick through most of it. But the girl said to come back on Saturday for an induction with all my account details, passport, National insurance number extra and that they'd like me on board as a full time employee. So while nothing is in writing I'm guessing I got the job!
This does mean however my SL might change somewhat. I'm not completely sure if it will only change a little or a lot if any at all. Tel and I will have to work on a new schedule for seeing each other as he works very long hours on the 4 days he works. And when he does get home we're both tired because he's worked all day and it's 3am for me. *Sigh* Damn you timezones! It might also effect my dancing times. But as working in a cinema I'm guessing most of my hours will be quite late. At least I'm hoping anyway. Won't know till tomorrow!

On another note the "Happy Leo Strut" pose hasn't even been up for 24hours and has already been bought 10 times. People sure like their freebies! I did however sell some other products so it's working as a part of promotion!

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