Thursday, 28 October 2010

Rez rez rez...

Should I explain how I came about in Second Life? I started on a quest to complete a 6000 word essay for my foundation art. Now, over 2 years later, I'm still here. Due to drama and purely just wanting a change I became Derren a week before my rl 25th birthday. You can see that both my first and now primary avatars are very different from eachother.

Having a much smaller avatar besides from big beefy Manny has led me to all new situations. Probably some I'm a lot more comfortable with then what I was involved with with Manny. Some I am waaaaaaay not comfortable with. Normally in the child sex area. I was suprised at first to see how much of it there was, especially in a few gay sims I have been too. Some just rreeeaaaallly pushing the boader on what can push as an 18 year old avatar. When I bought my shape from Zanzo (great store by the way) I was meant to look 24....hmm...I looked about 17 in my eyes. So I made myself taller and buffed out a little until I was happy that I looked like a young adult. I'm not completely ignorant. I KNOW some child avatars are not used to roleplay tea parties. And to be honest if a person has that sexual attraction then isn't it better they get their kicks in a virtual world with another grown adult then doing in real life to a REAL child. In a way yes and no. Who knows if the other child avatar JUST wants to roleplay mummies and daddies and doesn't want to get involved with touchy Uncle Pedo. This has recently happen to a friend of mine she could sense the situation straight away and left the roleplay, even if left a little shaken.

I don't know how I got onto a rant about child avies. I guess I know a few who DO find child avatars attractive or have a child avatar in hopes of some under age sexy times but claiming to be just very young 18 year olds. In that case they play a very dangerous game.

Just to state I don't hate child avatars...I have one myself and I'm a right little brat :P

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