Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Welcoming in Winter

Tel and I (well mostly Tel) have finally finished the sim ready for winter and the holiday season. Being that it's the start of December tomorrow I'm glad we have the place all sorted. I'm so thankful to my hubby for working so hard. I was able to get some pictures last night and, of course, everyone is welcome to visit at anytime.

As always, I get my little garden to work on. I finally got to use the sled I got as a hunt gift at the beginning of this year. I got a matching gazebo for the snow scene and it's slightly less busy as the other two gardens which adds to the silent winter landscape.

Rest of the photos are of the Tel's parts of the sim.

If you travel to the end of the sim you'll find a snowman and a post that will take you up to the skybox I made up. We decided not to put too much decoration in the main house so I made up a little festive skybox up above the sim.

I felt bad leaving the meeroos outside on an empty sky platform so they're inside in the warm for the holidays.

Monday was mine and Tel's one year anniversary. It's been over a year since we decided to take our relationship to more then friends. Seeing as we pretty much celebrated a few weeks back and my time on SL was very limited that night, we ended up just having a nice night on Tuesday. We were forced off our sim by a rolling restart and ended up on random sim where we watched a very cheesy movie at a drive in. We got caught up in a random group convo with friends and had a generally nice evening.

He gets the girl and escapes the island just so you know.

It's insane to think that Tel and I have been together for a whole year. So much has happened to use during these last 12 months. We've had our highs, lows and struggles. But it goes to show that SL relationships can work. So here's to one year and many years to come. Love you sweetie <3


  1. Babydoll, after all this time on SL, through all the AV's, all the years... I can no longer imagine SL w/o you, nor the friendship that we've developed IRL. YOU are the reason I work so hard to give you a nice home. You are the reason we don't have the prims to decorate the house. XD

    Love you, and here's to the future! XOXOX <3

  2. giggles that he isnt the only one accused of being a prim whore in sl.

  3. It looks wonderful!

    And congratz to you and Tel!

    kiss and hugs