Thursday, 10 November 2011


I chose this title from a song by one of my favourite bands. Seems to be in my head a lot recently.

The beginning of the week started on a sad note. A friend I know from Club Industry sadly past away in RL. I didn't know her all to well but did know she was a wonderfully fun lady to be around. Obviously those who have been at CI and the Industrial scene longer then me knew her more closely. But it is true when they say that the relationships we make in SL are just as strong as those we make in RL. It is strange and very sad to think you will never see that person log in again. I've heard that those who knew her more personally are arranging a memorial for her where we can all pay our respects and celebrate her life.

I finally had some time to take some footage of the haunted house. Tel really needs the prims for building and for getting the sim ready for Christmas (which, if I had a choice, would be up NOW). I was also able to get a few final pictures for the place. It really is a wonderful little set up. I think I'll make the video more into a promotional video for Tel's builds then just a video about a scary house.

In RL I joined a Bisexual group that bring together other bisexuals and we basically talk about...well...being bisexual. It is true that there is a thing as biphobia where people, straight or gay, will judge you or discriminate you just because you like both genders. It was interesting to be in a group who where so open about it all and talked about their stories. I thought I was the only one who felt like bisexuals do get a little ridiculed by society. Being called "greedy". I've only been with 4 guys in my life and have been single RL for 8 months! How is that greedy? I do actually get generally annoyed when someone refers to me as gay...because really I'm not! I'm bi! I like men and women. That's who I am. Don't refer to me as gay just because it's easier for you!

I feel like I'm waiting for this month to be over. I have my first appointment at the gender identity clinic on the 22nd and I just want it to be NOW! I want it to be Christmas NOW! I just like Christmas. Heh, I already had my christmas decorations up by this time last year. I wonder if Tel will let me have a little christmas skybox where I can star decorating where I can be all christmassy and jolly while he can go "bah humbug" down stairs. :P

This has come out a rather ranty blog post. Oh well. I'm gonna look at Christmas things and videos of kittens.

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