Thursday, 20 October 2011

Get by with a little help from my friends.

My post before last was a little heavy and I thank everyone for the nice comments I received because of it. But since then things have been getting better and I'm actually feeling very hopeful.

I recently "legally" changed my name to my preferred name and title which has boosted my emotions way up. I'm really glad to have great flat mates who offered to lend me the cash while I try to get my funds up. So now if I want to go for different jobs I don't have to go through the whole crap of explaining this, that and other.

Speaking of jobs that is also looking up. I've been moved to a different department which I'm actually more enjoying and is not sitting behind a desk having people complained at me. Not only that but it has boosted up my hours. Now instead of working 15 hours a week I'm working up to 40 hours a week and most of these being in the evening so I'm back in time to see my sweet husband and still get a good nights (or mornings) sleep before work. Plus days off so I can still be sociable. 

As for more help from friends Franzi along with his boys River and Endy have offered me a corner for his store for *Dead Chuffed*. So the store can still carry on inworld! Things need to be worked out but hopefully the store will make a return soon! :D

So as you can see things are going my way. Though it is getting colder now that winter is approaching I'm starting to tingle with the excitement of the holidays. Plus on Monday (24th October) it will be 1 year when Tel and I first met and soon come to the 28th of Novemeber which (I think) is when we first started officially dating. So I made him this video which is sort of a slideshow of our time together along with the song we walked in together on our wedding day. 

Now I just need to stop falling asleep on him. lol

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